Six Most Common Water Heater Repair Tasks | Brookhaven, GA

Six Most Common Water Heater Repair Tasks | Brookhaven, GA

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The warm climate of Georgia means that the temperature of the water entering your Brookhaven, GA home will be higher than in other states, such as New Hampshire. Thus, heating your home is a much less demanding task. However, this doesn’t mean that your water heater is infallible, and there are many common fixes that a water heater repair technician in the Atlanta suburbs is likely to be called upon to complete.

All water heaters should be of an appropriate size to deliver the required amount of hot water to your property, regardless of where you live in GA. The more fixtures you have, the higher the chance of faucets and appliances demanding hot water concurrently. An incorrectly sized water heater not only means you’ll be putting unnecessary pressure on your fixture and increasing the frequency of water heater repair, but it can also compromise flow rate, pressure, and water temperature. You can, of course, limit the number of fixtures in use at any one time by avoiding taking a shower while the washing machine is running, for example. However, the ideal solution is to have a water heater comfortably handling all hot water needs. Your unit should be sized according to peak demand to ensure that flow rate and water temperature are never compromised. Otherwise, you run the risk of seeing poor water flow and other issues arise.

Flow rate is not just a personal preference; there are local, state, and federal requirements and guidelines to meet. The Federal Energy Policy Act states that all shower fixtures and faucets, such as showerheads and lavatory faucets manufactured in the U.S. after 1992, should have a flow rate not exceeding 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM). Equally, Georgia has standards for minimum flow rate and pressure (PSI) for a wide variety of fixtures and appliances, including the following:

  • Outlets serving one-piece tanks: 6 GPM, 20 PSI
  • Outlets serving bathtubs: 4 GPM, 20 PSI
  • Outlets serving showers: 2.5 GPM, 20 PSI
  • Outlets serving dishwashers: 2.75 GPM, 8 PSI

Incorrect flow rate and water pressure can cause degradation of various parts, including pressure relief valves, seals, and control valves, resulting in repair technician callouts.

Common Indicators That Water Heater Repairs Are Due

No hot water. If your tank is full of water, but it doesn’t seem to be hot, you’ll likely need a water heater repair service to investigate the heat source. If you’ve got an electric water heater in your home, electrical connections, heating elements, or electronic ignition systems might have failed. Gas-fired water heater tanks could have faulty gas connections or issues with the pilot light. You might even have a problem with the gas burner unit if the pilot light fires up and fuel doesn’t ignite.

Water pooling. Almost every water heater will eventually develop a leak, leading to water pooling below the heater if not maintained. By nature, water is a corrosive force that will eventually impact your tank, causing microscopic cracks and fractures that will get worse over time. However, water leaks don’t always come from the water heater itself; loose inlet pipes and ill-fitting outgoing water pipes can cause leaks. Condensation, water spilling from the overflow pipe if the tank is too full, or a faulty relief valve can cause leaks that appear to be coming from underneath the water heater. Worst case scenario, the water pooling is caused by corrosion, in which case a repair may not be enough to resolve the issue.

Long heating times. If you notice the water is taking longer to heat up, then your water heater may benefit from scheduled maintenance or repair service. In some cases, correcting thermostat levels can resolve longer than usual heating times. You could also have poor gas pressure, dirty vents, or dirty burners that need replacing. A flow rate analysis can indicate whether your water heater is simply having trouble keeping up with demand. If the tank is emptied regularly and doesn’t have enough time to refill before being switched on again, then you’ll notice cooler water running from faucets and other fixtures.

Incorrect water temperatures. If you notice inconsistent water temperature, e.g., it’s way too hot despite thermostat settings, water heater repair could be due. It could also be an issue with your gas supply if you have a gas-fuelled water heater.

Frequent Water Heater Repair Tasks in Brookhaven, GA

Professional technicians, who undertake water heater servicing and repair, are often called out to complete the following recurring tasks:

  1. Fixing water leaks
  2. Thermocouple replacements
  3. Removal and installation of heating elements in electric water heaters
  4. Removal and replacement of control valves in gas water heaters
  5. Removal and replacement of faulty pressure relief valves
  6. Flushing and cleaning of water tanks

Prices for repair are affected by various factors, including complexity, task type, urgency, and cost of replacement parts. Fixing a leak in an emergency, for example, will result in a much more expensive repair bill than if you just needed a water temperature sensor replaced. Identifying the need for a repair earlier can save on cost, which is why regular inspection and maintenance are advisable.

Book Water Heater Repair with Peach Plumbing & Drain

Peach Plumbing & Drain serves all Atlanta communities, from Brookhaven, GA to Woodland Hills. As a locally owned family business with more than 70 years of experience between its members, we know a lot about water heater repair. There are multiple reasons to consider us as your number one choice for anything to do with water heaters.

Professionalism, upfront pricing, straightforward cost calculations, punctual and reliable servicing are just some of the crucial things you can expect from our family of repair technicians. Our heater repair services are even available 24/7/365 in GA, so you’ll never be too long without hot water in your home, or place of business. Call us to find out everything that sets us apart from other local providers, and book your necessary water heater repair service.

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