Sizing Down: Getting The Most Out Of Tankless Water Heaters | Atlanta, GA

Sizing Down: Getting The Most Out Of Tankless Water Heaters | Atlanta, GA

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Tankless water heaters are the wave of the future, and residents of Atlanta, GA understand that they can save you so much time and money. They have so many benefits for any average homeowner that they have taken the market by storm in recent decades. These modern incarnations of today’s plumbing have all the best features money could buy, and those who invest in them are willing to pay good money upfront just for these handy little gadgets. That said, the professionals at Peach Plumbing & Drain have the expertise you need to install them precisely and accurately so that you may be able to garner years of good use out of them.

Tankless water heaters are known for their ability to consume far less room than their tank-based counterparts. In fact, if you’re looking to retire your old water heater and clear out your basement, the best time to do so is now. Your tankless water heater can be easily installed right underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink. In a larger household with more people living under the same roof, you can have more than one unit installed which can heat water for a certain area without causing any hot water loss in another. More than one person can use hot water at the same time, and the savings are big.

The best advantage of tankless water heaters is their heat-as-you-go feature. These tiny little gadgets have no need to store gallons of hot water for an entire household, which greatly reduces the likelihood of water leaks commonly associated with corroded tanks. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the sediment build up inside the tank. The cold tap water simply runs straight through the device as you use it, making it far more fresh than if it were stored inside a tank for days at a time.

Tankless water heaters allow a single household to run several appliances at a time. Plus, there’s just enough hot water for more than one person to bathe or shower. An unlimited supply of fresh, hot water is always at your fingertips when you need it. The only question comes down to getting it installed, which may be costly but can reap a great amount of personal benefits in the long run.

Due mainly to their small size, tankless water heaters use far less energy when heating up your water. They simply require less water to heat. Plus, it is possible to request your plumber to preset the digital dial on the thermostat so that your water is at just the right temperature for your immediate use. What makes this an even better experience is that there are no worries about rusty colored water, which is more common with traditional tanked versions.

Good maintenance provides even better assurance that tankless water heaters can enjoy a life span of nearly twenty years. On average, this means that it can outlive older models by a factor of at least five years if properly maintained. This allows you many years of good, quality hot water right at your fingertips.

With a traditional water heater, the water that’s left in the tank will need to be reheated constantly, as standing water gets cold when left for hours. The good news about tankless water heaters is that they don’t run the risk of a possible leak, as there is no metal tank that stores up the water supply. When water is left inside the tank for too long, it eats away at the metal, thus causing corrosion that leads to a major leak. Since tankless water heaters have no tank, they live up to their name well.

Homes that limit hot water usage can really benefit from having a tankless water heater installed. Single-family homes that use anywhere less than 41 gallons of hot water a day, you can save anywhere from 24-34% in energy costs. Being aware of the amount of hot water you use in a day can really add up the savings with a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters also have a far less risk of exploding on you. This is due to the fact that they have no tank in which to store hot water in. The apparent lack of sediment build up has much to do with this, but this can also be due to the fact that there is no need for a pressure valve to control the intensity of the hot water that comes through the system.

Settling into your next home for the rest of your life is another reason to invest in a tankless water heater. Since their average lifespan is around twenty years, they prove to be an excellent investment for those who plan to live in one home for the rest of their lives.

A tankless water heater is just like any other machine. It has a need for periodic maintenance, and having it inspected and serviced once a year could be the perfect solution to keeping its lifespan intact. During an annual maintenance check, the plumber can come over and adjust the thermometer on the heater to ensure that you don’t get water that’s too hot. Plus, this could reduce limescale build up, which is especially good if you happen to live in an area that’s prone to having too much hard water. That’s good if you happen to live in the Atlanta, GA area, where more people use more water. Treatment for the water used in these areas may require the use of more chlorine, which can run the risk of lime and scale build up.

The one major con of getting a tankless water heater is the upfront cost, which can be enormous. But the benefits are many, and having twenty years of reliable use will be worth it. Setting up suitable payment plans can be an option for those who qualify. If getting a tankless water heater is something that’s of interest to you, simply call or visit online to schedule your appointment with Peach Plumbing & Drain.