Tankless Water Heater Repair Problems That Need Immediate Repair Services | Atlanta, GA

Tankless Water Heater Repair Problems That Need Immediate Repair Services | Atlanta, GA

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Some homeowners have switched from conventional to tankless water heaters to enjoy benefits such as energy efficiency, less maintenance, receiving endless hot water, and saving their interior spaces. The biggest pros of tankless water heaters are: they consume less energy and have an extended ger lifespan of up to five to 10 years longer than traditional water heaters.

However, every plumbing appliance, whether modern or conventional, has its downfalls. Even though tankless water heaters have the benefits any homeowner wants, some structural and operational issues still showcase in these appliances throughout their lifespan. You can read on to identify some insights on what tankless water heater problems should prompt you to seek assistance from a water heater repair company in Atlanta, GA.

Ignition Failure

Whether gas-powered or electric, home appliances such as tankless water heaters may at some point face ignition problems. For tankless water heaters, this problem commonly affects the gas-powered ones. When your water heater fails to start, check if the propane tank has gas before you seek help from a water heater company.

Also, inspect the water and gas valves to ensure they’re fully open. If the valves and propane tank are suitable, the problem could be a failed ignition pack. Trying to fix this issue using DIY tactics can only worsen the situation. Look for a credible technician from a reliable company offering water heater repair services. The export will assess your water heater’s ignition system and recommend whether repairs or replacements are necessary.

A Cold Water Sandwich

Coldwater sandwiches are common in homes with individuals that take back-to-back showers. For instance, after your partner has finished taking a warm shower and you’re next in line, you may experience a cold water sandwich. When you turn on the hot water faucet, you’ll get warm water followed by some seconds of cold water before you continue enjoying your warm shower.

When the first showering session is complete, some hot water remains in the pipe leading to the showerhead, and the water comes out first during the second shower. Any cold water you receive while your hot water shower is running is the product of the initial cold water inside pipes that connect your water heater to your shower.

Although there’s no tactic to prevent this scenario from happening, you can visit your water heater company to get some preventative insights to follow. These include avoiding jumping into the shower right after someone has completed their hot shower session.

Blocked Air Supply and Exhaust

The display screen on some tankless water heaters alerts you if the air supply lines or the exhaust are clogged. Blockage implies your water heater is experiencing venting or combustion air problems. After getting the notification, you can notify the plumber that offers you water heater repair solutions to fix the issue.

The professional handling the water heater emergency will assess all vent pipes to confirm they don’t have any perforations and are connected tightly. Fire hazards may pop up when the air supply channel gets blocked by nearby objects. That’s if you contracted a quack to install your water heater the first time.

Objects such as bird and rodent nests may block your vents. It’s necessary to seek immediate help from a reliable water heater repair company whenever you notice your tankless water heater gets clogged often.

The skilled and licensed technician you get should find an ideal installation location with no obstructing objects and reinstall your water heater to prevent vents and air supply pipes from blocking in the future.

Mineral Deposits

Sometimes you may get poor quality water from your supplier and use it to do your day-to-day cleaning chores. Hard water contains minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium. As the hard water passes through components of your tankless water heater, the existing minerals may accumulate. When you turn on your hot water faucet and notice discolored water, it’s an indicator that minerals have collected in your tankless water heater.

When the build-up becomes severe due to a lack of maintenance solutions by your water heater repair company, the hot water that flows through your fixtures could be yellow or brown. At this point, you have to consult with your provider of weather heater repair solutions to create and implement a maintenance plan that includes thorough cleaning.

Prompt water heater clean-up services are necessary. Delayed repairs can make the appliance fail to operate, forcing you to invest in a new tankless water heater.

Additionally, you may be at risk of contracting medical conditions related to using contaminated water. Afterward, you can ask the specialist offering you water heater repair services to install a water softener to prevent mineral build-up in your tankless water heater in the future. A better solution is changing your water supplier to one that delivers fresh water.

System Overload

The tankless water heater you install in your home serves you and other dwellers up to a capacity it can manage to hold. Using hot water simultaneously, for instance, running multiple hot water showers and faucets, can make the water heater struggle supplying hot water as needed. Persistent straining can make the water heater shut down abruptly. If your water heater frequently turns off while in use, consider reducing its workload.

However, it’s time to consult with a professional from a credible water heater repair company in Atlanta, GA, to install an upgrade that fits your hot water needs if it still gets overloaded even after regulating hot water usage in your home.

Your water heater repair company can also suggest you add another unit the same size as the initial one to cut down costs and prevent losing your existing unit. If you’re unsure which brand and size are ideal for your home, a technician can guide you on purchasing the right tankless water heater.

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