Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Gas Leak In Your Home And Need A Plumbing Repair | Atlanta, GA

Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Gas Leak In Your Home And Need A Plumbing Repair | Atlanta, GA

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Amongst the most life-threatening issues in homes are gas leaks. They not only degrade the air quality in homes but also cause health problems. Natural gas used in Atlanta, GA, homes contains Carbon Monoxide(CO), an odorless and colorless gas that can cause respiratory illnesses or lead to sudden death.

Additionally, gas leaks can lead to fires that can, in turn, make you homeless after investing all your life savings in getting your beautiful home. Other problems related to gas leaks include increased energy bills.

Since natural gas is odorless and colorless, it can be hard to identify the leaks until the concentration becomes excessive. It’s necessary to seek prompt gas leak detection and repair solutions from a credible plumbing repair company in Atlanta, GA, to evade the associated problems. To be on the safer side, you should contact a professional plumber to offer routine gas line inspection services every six months. Mentioned are some of the symptoms of gas leaks in your home.

Dead Plants

Identifying underground leaks can be an impossible task. However, if you notice dying plants near your home’s gas line, there could be a gas leak. Although plants can die because of other reasons, including harsh summers, if you don’t notice any obvious reasons your beautiful flower plants are withering, then there could be a gas leakage in or around your home.

At this moment, the best step to take is to promptly look for a professional that offers plumbing repairs to detect and fix the gas leak issue in your home.


Defective sewer and gas pipes are among the notorious odor-causing fittings in homes. Homeowners work hard to have quality air within their residential premises by investing in multiple appliances, including gas-powered HVAC systems.

If the air quality turns bad, health problems become imminent. At first, natural gas is odorless and colorless, but gas supply companies add a product, known as mercaptan, that gives the natural gas a rotten egg smell. Mercaptan helps increase safety measures when incidents such as gas leaks happen. Reach out to a plumbing company and request gas leak repair solutions immediately after you notice such a smell inside your home.

White Mist or Fog

When you leave your windows open during winter, you may see whitish fog in your home. At this point, you won’t conclude it’s a gas leak. However, when you’re certain all windows and doors in your home are tightly closed, and you notice unusual mist and fog clouds, it could be an indicator the gas line is ruptured.

You can report the matter to your gas supply company or look for a skilled professional offering prompt plumbing solutions to fix the leaking spots along your gas line.

Increased Gas Bills

After investing all your savings in purchasing your dream home, you restrict yourself to using utilities such as water and energy sparingly. However, your efforts could be in vain if you have defective appliances and utility supplying systems such as gas and water lines. Sometimes gas leaks occur for long periods without being noticed.

When this happens, you can get hiked gas bills from your utility supplier. If you have paid high energy bills in the previous months, looking for a specialist from a reputable plumbing company is necessary. It’s because the professional will offer quality solutions to put an end to the gas leaks, meaning your bills will get back to normal. The experts from your plumbing company should afterward install gas leak detectors to help you notice gas leaks promptly.

Respiratory Problems

People build residential homes to create a safe and healthy space for themselves and their families. Often, such privileges aren’t a priority to some rental property owners.

Apart from triggering physical and mental pain, being unhealthy in the US could make you spend a large sum of money to cover your medical bills. Gas leaks in your home could lead to fatal breathing problems that require immediate medical attention.

Sometimes while relaxing in your home, you may experience symptoms such as chest pains, fatigue, pink skin and bright red lips, nausea, and headaches. The first step is to visit the nearby health facility to get medical treatment if you experience a combination of two or more of these symptoms. Afterward, you should visit with a plumbing repair company to request gas line inspection and repair services.

Hissing Sounds

If you hear hissing sounds from your gas line, it could be a possible sign of a gas leak. Additionally, if the sounds remain persistent and become louder over time, it only means the leakage spots on your home’s gas lines are expanding. It should be enough to convince you to quickly visit a credible plumbing repair company and get a skilled gas line plumber to save you from the traumatizing situation of a fire.

Discolored Flames

A gas furnace is designed to create blue flames when you turn it on. A yellow flame can indicate a defect within the furnace system, usually a ventilation problem. You can look for a credible HVAC professional to examine your furnace and fix the identified problem.

If the furnace’s components are in good working condition, it could mean the gas supply pipes in your home have leakage issues. You can talk to your HVAC professional to recommend the best plumbing repair company in town that you can rely on to offer you prompt and satisfactory gas line repair services.

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