Telltale Signs That You Need To Contact An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

Telltale Signs That You Need To Contact An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

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The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that up to 90 percent of all American homes have leaks that collectively waste about 10,000 gallons of water yearly.

This is proof that no matter how hard Sandy Springs, GA, homeowners try, it’s difficult to avoid the need to contact an emergency plumber. Even though any DIY-savvy residential property owner can easily resolve issues such as leaky faucets, most plumbing problems may require the attention of a licensed and insured plumber.

This is because only a well-trained technician can understand the latest coding standards applicable when conducting a plumbing service and the intricate nature of your home’s plumbing infrastructure. Professional plumbers also understand the various risks associated with any plumbing service, including dangers that can outrightly affect your safety and the wellbeing of your family.

Therefore, below are some of the common indicators of a plumbing problem that may be well beyond your DIY plumbing capabilities, prompting the need to contact an emergency plumbing service technician.

Slow Draining Sinks and Bathtubs

If you constantly find it difficult to drain the hot tub after a rejuvenating bath or the kitchen sink after completing your chores, your home could be having a severe drainage problem. Drainage problems occur due to wide-ranging reasons, but the notably prominent one is the development of clogs within the drainage infrastructure. These clogs may be formed by children’s toys, food waste accumulation, or even small rodents getting stuck within your home’s plumbing system.

It can be challenging for you to identify and fix the blockages if you don’t have the right tools, which is why you should leave this job to your emergency plumber. They can use specialized tools such as augers and drain snakes to dislodge any substance that may be blocking the movement of the wastewater from your residence.

Gurgling Noises

Ideally, you should only hear the sound of water coming from your bathroom showerhead when taking a bath. Therefore, if you begin hearing a gurgling noise from the toilet each time you’re in the shower, you could be having a plumbing emergency on your hands.

Under such circumstances, it can be pretty hard to understand the root cause of the problem entirely. The gurgling sounds are often present when your home’s drainage system is looking for air. If the problem is left unresolved, the chances of a full-scale sewage backflow increase significantly. In that context, you should immediately contact an emergency plumber. However, before doing so, you can switch off the water supply as you wait for a more comprehensive solution.

No Water Available

The list of situations that can be inconveniencing is extensive, but nothing stands out like waking up to no more than mere drops of water from your household’s plumbing appliances. In some cases, the lack of water may be prominent throughout your neighborhood. However, if your home is the only one affected, the best solution would be to contact a plumber so they can come and fix the problem.

There are many reasons why your residence may lose water supply without warning. They include issues with the main supply, significant leaks, frozen pipes, or sewer backups. When there’s no water in your home, it often implies that the water may be going elsewhere, and calling an experienced emergency plumber can help determine where it’s going and identify practical solutions.

Failure to request an emergency plumbing service under such circumstances can lead to a high water utility bill. The EPA claims that homeowners can decrease their water bills by up to 10 percent by fixing leaks on time. This action can also help prevent damage to your home’s foundation.

Low Water Pressure

It may be time to schedule an emergency plumbing service if you always have to spend 20 minutes or more in the shower to rinse off the shampoo from your hair. You may also need to contact your emergency plumber if you have to wait for a long time for the kitchen sink to get filled with water so you can wash the dishes.

Low water pressure is often to blame for such inconveniences. If only one faucet seems to be affected by this phenomenon, it’s usually a result of a problem with the faucet aerator. While a DIY plumbing enthusiast can resolve such problems, it’s always best to contact a professional to avoid more issues down the road.

However, if the low water pressure can be felt in more than one faucet and different areas of your home, it could be because of a leak in the underlying pipes of your residence’s plumbing infrastructure. Therefore, you may need the services of a professional emergency plumber since only they can understand the complex network of pipes that make up the entire system.

No Hot Water Available

If your home has a significant number of occupants, it’s understandable if you can’t get some hot water after maybe the kids have taken an hour-long shower. However, this doesn’t mean that the water should take several hours to warm up again. When the issue occurs repeatedly, it may be time to contact an emergency plumber near Sandy Springs, GA, for water heater repair solutions. The technician can help troubleshoot and fix any issues that may be affecting the functionality of the water heater.

In some scenarios, the lack of hot water may be triggered by minor problems such as the pilot switch constantly switching on and off. Alternatively, your home may have inadequate hot water due to the small size of the water heater tank. In the latter scenario, an emergency plumber can help you select and install a water heater tank that’s big enough for your household needs.

Your plumber can also provide informed solutions when the water temperatures seem to fluctuate wildly. These fluctuations may involve the shower adjusting quickly from ice-cold to blazing hot water that can leave you with severe burn injuries if caught off-guard.

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