The Benefits Of Having A Water Heater Repair Professional Flush Your Water Heater Regularly | Atlanta, GA

The Benefits Of Having A Water Heater Repair Professional Flush Your Water Heater Regularly | Atlanta, GA

Conventional water heaters have a service life of about 8-12 years. However, you can extend this lifespan with proper maintenance and care of your unit. Failing to do so also can reduce the efficiency of the water heater and make it fail sooner. Does your home get hard water from your water utility provider?

Then it means that you have a serious issue with the unit. The minerals, debris, and dirt particles dissolved in the hard water settle at the bottom and on the walls of the water heater tank, reducing its overall capacity and heating efficiency. For this reason, the water heater repair professionals in Atlanta, GA, advise that you have a regular maintenance service and an annual or semi-annual water heater flushing. Besides reducing the water heating bills, flushing your water heater also means that you’ll save the tank from corrosion, extending the service life of your unit.

How Frequently Should a Water Heater Be Flushed?

The rate at which you’ll need to flush your water heater solely depends on the hardness of the incoming water. This is because it influences the scale buildup in your conventional water heater. The frequency also depends on the volume of heated water used at your home and how hot you keep the water.

Hence, making a sweeping generalization on how often you need to descale or flush your water heating unit water heater is hard. Your only best bet is to have an inspection done regularly to determine if there is an accumulation. However, most water heater repair professionals recommend you flush the water heating unit annually or semiannually, based on the water’s hardness level. So why should you flush your water heating appliance?

Reasons for Flushing the Water Heater

To Reduce the Noise

Have you noticed a cracking, banging, rumbling, or popping sound from your water heater? All these are signs of sediment accumulation within the water heater. These noises can, at times, be disruptive and disturbing. Unfortunately, some homeowners are tricked into believing the issue has gone away when the sounds suddenly stop.

No plumbing issue goes away on its own. Rather, it signifies that the sediment layer has solidified so much that water cannot percolate easily through it any longer. The only and best move here is to have the water heater repair expert descale the water heater to eliminate the disturbing noises.

To Improve the Heating Speed

Sediment accumulation is a precursor to more costly and damaging problems—one of these issues is reducing the heating speed. Whenever the foreign materials accumulate at the lower part of your water heater’s tank, they cover the heating element. This reduces its water heating efficiency. This makes the heating process more difficult because the heat transfer from the heating electrode to the water is inhibited. As a result, it takes more time to heat your water to your preferred temperatures. You might start running out of hot water and experiencing long recovery rates. To avert this issue, have a water heater repair professional income and flush your water heater to ensure that the heating speed of the water is brought back to normal.

To Reduce Operational Costs

If the heating element finds it hard to transfer the heat to your water, it will use more energy to compensate for the difficulty. This means you will have to pay higher energy utility bills at the end of the month. Further, you might use more money on repairs because of the various parts falling victim to the corrosive scale deposits or clogging of the sediments. It is only through hiring a water heater repair specialist to flush the tank that you can significantly reduce the heating costs and ensure the optimal efficiency of your unit.

To Ensure Safety

Besides improving the functionality of your water heater, flushing it also ensures that it is safe. Like all other electrical and plumbing appliances at your Atlanta, GA home, water heaters are also subject to natural wear and tear. Because water heaters are used regularly and daily (be it for a shower, dishwashing, or hand washing), routine maintenance is critical to avert any damage. To help prevent any major issues, the water heaters have installed safety devices.

For instance, the relief valves help avert burns and scalding, while the gas valve helps to ensure that a gas-run water heater shuts off when a certain temperature is reached t prevent a fire outbreak. Annual flushing by a water heater repair pro also includes a thorough maintenance check. Hence, homeowners can rest assured that their system will remain fully operational and safe for use by family members.

To Extend the Unit’s Service Life

As explained above, if there is an accumulation of sediments on a water heater tank, it will become harder to heat the water. This makes some parts of the water heater quickly burn out, reducing the service life of your water heater. Further, the sediments might also break up and clog the water heater tank. The calcium and magnesium deposits in a water heater tank are also corrosion catalysts.

Hence, there is a high likelihood that the water heater tank will be weakened by rust. This results in pinhole leaks and, at worse, explosions. Hence, maintenance is critical in ensuring that the water heater can serve you for a longer duration. This includes having a reliable professional’s water heater repair and flushing services regularly.

To Ensure Warranty Protection

Water heater manufacturers require that the water heater be serviced semiannually or annually based on the hardness of water at your home. Only then can they honor the warranty should the tank fail. Since most warranties don’t feature protection against failure caused by scale and sediment accumulation, you should have undeniable proof that this didn’t cause the malfunction. Having a water heater repair pro flush the unit regularly is a great starting point.

Let Professional Plumbing Company Help You

When did you last have your water heater serviced by a licensed professional? If you haven’t had one for years, not is the time. As you can see from the above, there are many reasons for water heater repair and maintenance service. Do you need your Atlanta, GA home’s water heater tank flushed by a professional? Call our experienced and licensed professionals at Peach Plumbing & Drain today.

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