The Dangers Of Leaking Faucets And How To Prevent Them With Plumbing Repair And Maintenance | Atlanta, GA

The Dangers Of Leaking Faucets And How To Prevent Them With Plumbing Repair And Maintenance | Atlanta, GA

Faucets are plumbing devices that regulate water flow in your house. Faucet leaks are among the most common issues in most households in Atlanta, GA. It’s a problem that most homeowners overlook and fail to call a plumbing repair company because they assume a few drops of water are harmless.

But, the leaks you notice after washing your dishes, hands, and face, or brushing your teeth in the bathroom and kitchen sinks can make you regret your actions of ignoring them over time. Without further ado, here are some dangers of leaking faucets in homes.

Water Wastage

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a drip from a leaking faucet each second can account for 3,000 gallons of water wastage annually in homes. The water is too much as it can cater for more than 180 showers, do the math the next time you want to overlook a drip in your kitchen or bathroom sinks by not reaching out to a qualified and experienced contractor for plumbing repair services.

The entire household leaks can also waste more than a trillion gallons of water in the county for a year. You can be a good citizen and stop water wastage in your home by getting professional help whenever you spot a leak in your house or a dripping faucet.


People can also experience rusting metal parts of their sinks or tubs due to leaks in the faucets. As much as water is essential in life, it can lead to unimaginable ruin by causing rust in most metallic plumbing fixtures. The issue is predominant in households that use hard water full of mineral deposits that react to copper pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Rusting in the plumbing system is never a good sign because it leads to enormous leaks. The cracks might burst and cause indoor or outdoor floods or water damages that are expensive to fix by plumbers from the most reliable plumbing repair company in Atlanta, GA. Corroded parts of the taps can also be the reason behind the leaks.

The faucets are prone to corrode depending on their materials, including metal, copper, bronze, brass, zinc alloys, steel, and pewter, to mention a few. Without proper periodic maintenance, some parts of the tap can corrode because of dissolved minerals or acidity in hard water, allowing water to drip, hence the need for immediate plumbing repair services.

High Water Bills

If a faucet leak can lead to water wastage that amounts to 180 showers in one household, imagine how much water bills can accumulate each month if you fail to address a constantly dripping tap in your house. The leaks you ignore as small can make the water bills in your home skyrocket.

But, it might not be easy to connect the dripping faucets to the high water bills unless you are the type that pays close attention to your monthly water bills. Luckily, plumbing repair professionals have the skills and knowledge to help you identify the cause of your skyrocketing water expenses and fix them immediately.

Mold Growth

The worst that can happen due to dripping faucets in your house is mold growth that requires urgent plumbing repair and mold specialist services. It is an issue that arises due to moisture and other organic materials that make the spores thrive and multiply indoors. Mold spores can invade the wooden parts of your house and furniture, leading to unimaginable structural damage.

Mold can make your furniture and other wooden valuables in your home rot. If your house is made of wood, it is wise to avoid leaks such as faucet drips because they can promote mold growth in the wooden cabinets that will start to rot and spread to other moist places. With time, water ruins the structural integrity of your house, and you might have to do costly reconstructions and replacements.

Therefore, the very minute you notice a faucet leak, you should not buy time to call your preferred plumbing repair company for a quick fix to save your home from preventable structural destruction. It can also protect your family from adverse mold-related health conditions such as asthma attacks and respiratory tract diseases.

How to Prevent Faucet Leaks in Homes

Preventing faucets from dripping in households requires understanding the underlying causes.

The first reason behind the leaks might be poor installation. If the plumber does a shoddy installation, you will notice the drips sooner after the technician mounts them in your new or old kitchen or bathroom sinks.

The best way to avoid installation-related plumbing problems is to get the best plumbers to do the job right. You should trust the process of looking for qualified plumbing experts through thorough research and referrals from friends and neighbors.

The second cause of dripping faucets might be loose parts. It is among the most notorious cases of dripping taps in households. After using the faucets for the longest time, some types of faucets become loose and start to leak water. The problem is preventable through frequent maintenance services that ensure all the plumbing fixtures and faucets are running smoothly.

Homeowners can also encounter leaking taps because of wear and tear. As the faucets get old, they are prone to wear down and might start leaking, causing you to spend a lot of money on plumbing repairs. A plumber can replace the faucets on time once they notice the wear and tear with regular tune-ups before they become a problem.

The faucet in your home might also drip due to defective parts. The manufacturer can package faulty taps without noticing. If your plumber is not keen to inspect and test them before purchasing, they might end up in your home, only to realize the problem after installation. To avoid such repairs, a professional can accompany you to buy the faucets.

Here to Help!

Regardless of your plumbing leaking issue, it is wise to have professionals who understand the problem and fix it for you before a minor issue escalates and becomes complex. You can trust Peach Plumbing & Drain in Atlanta, GA, to provide the solutions you want for your plumbing issues. Our qualified, skilled, and experienced plumbers can address any plumbing repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance issues in your house, including fixing leaking faucets.

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