The Telltale Signs You Should Look For When You Suspect Your Home Needs Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

The Telltale Signs You Should Look For When You Suspect Your Home Needs Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

Oftentimes, homeowners in Atlanta, GA tend to overlook their home’s water line, and only remember it when it starts showing signs of serious problems. There are many reasons why you should start to consider getting professional water line repair for your home in Atlanta, GA, some of which can even be disguised as run-of-the-mill plumbing problems. In this article, we will cover all the signs you should know that would indicate your home’s need for water line repair. In some of these cases, the problem might be severe enough that a complete replacement might be feasible, but this is determined by the specifics of your case. So, in order to help you learn everything you should know about the signs that might indicate you are in need of water line repair, continue reading below.

The only positive side of a problem with your home’s water line is that it will give you certain warning signs that trouble might be brewing deep within its pipes. These are the signs you should be aware of that let you know that water line repair is an impending requirement in order to prevent costly repairs to your home’s structure in the near future.

Your Home’s Water Looks Strange

If anything is certain is that the water coming out of your home’s fixtures should be clear and colorless. Once the water starts looking discolored, meaning that it looks a brownish or yellowish color, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your home’s water line. It could be that small cracks are allowing dirt and other substances to seep into your home’s water supply, so you should call for professional help as soon as you can.

Your Water Looks Reddish and Has a Funny Metallic Taste

If your water line’s pipes are made of iron, which is quite common in older homes, and your water has suddenly acquired a reddish color or a strange metallic taste, it could mean that your pipes have started to rust and will need to be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid water damage to your home’s structure, burst pipes, and an increase in your water bill.

Your Water Bill Is Getting More Expensive Every Month

If you haven’t been using more water than usual, but your bill is getting more expensive with each passing month, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your home’s water line, specifically a leak somewhere along the line. In this case, it’s best to consult a professional who can perform a detailed inspection of your home’s water system to determine what the problem could be and where it is located. Once a good diagnosis has been reached, any necessary repairs can be done in order to correct the issue and prevent any further damage to your home.

Your Water Pressure Drops Suddenly

Nothing lets you know you have a problem in your home’s water line more than a sudden drop in pressure does. This is a problem that can appear slowly, over time, making the change almost imperceptible, or suddenly, without any warning. But, in either case, the problem can surely be found within your home’s water line. If you find yourself taking forever to rinse yourself off during a shower, or don’t have enough water pressure in your kitchen to wash your dishes properly, get on the phone and call a reputable repair company before the problem gets any worse and you find yourself covered in soap without any water coming out of your shower head.

You Find Patches of Soggy Grass In Your Yard

Soggy patches in your lawn are very common after it rains, but definitely not when the weather is dry. If you start finding soggy, marshy patches of grass in your yard during a dry spell, it might mean you have a problem with your home’s water line. In most cases, these wet spots on the grass will point to an ongoing leak in your system, where water is escaping the pipes and rising to the surface of your yard. Call a professional for help immediately after you notice the problem, otherwise, you may end up with water flooding the inside of your home.

There Are Wet Spots On the Floor Inside Your Home

If You think wet spots in your yard are something you should worry about, finding them inside your home is even worse. Water damage to your home’s flooring and structural elements is costly to repair, which is why you should call in a professional repair service immediately for an accurate diagnosis and speedy repair.

Repair or Replace?

In some cases, the damage to your home’s water line might be so severe, it is in your best interest to have it replaced completely. Some factors that could affect your decision to do one or the other include the materials used to build the water line, its age, whether it has been repaired or replaced before, the cost of one or the other. Regardless of what you ultimately decide to do about the problem in your home’s water line, always make sure you ask your professional repair service what options you have, and how they fit into your budget.

When your Atlanta, GA home’s water line is showing signs of needing water line repair, your best bet is to turn to the foremost expert in the area in what refers to water line repair and replacement. We are talking about Peach Plumbing & Drain, whose techs have the experience, knowledge, and training required to perform a high-quality water line repair. With Peach Plumbing & Drain, you can rest easy knowing your home’s water line repair is in the hands of professional licensed technicians who are committed to your satisfaction and well-being. So, when water line repair is something you simply can’t avoid any longer, pick up your phone and give Peach Plumbing & Drain a call today!

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