The Warning Signs Of An Imminent Water Heater Repair Problem | Brookhaven, GA

The Warning Signs Of An Imminent Water Heater Repair Problem | Brookhaven, GA

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Imagine coming home in winter to find the showers have no hot water. Or you are waking up in the morning only to find the water heater has malfunctioned. Nothing can be as frustrating. Home appliances, especially the water heater, should not be taken for granted or neglected. Your home may turn uncomfortable in winter if it lacks hot water.

Whether you use a conventional or a tankless water heater, performing regular maintenance to your water heater is highly vital. It prevents frequent water heater repairs and extends the unit’s lifespan. However, something can still go wrong, and it is crucial to call a plumber to immediately repair the water heater to avoid expensive repairs in the future. What are the signs to look out for? Below are the warning signs of a malfunctioning water heater. Ensure you call a plumbing service like Peach Plumbing and Drain if you notice any of them in your Brookhaven, GA home.

Inconsistent Water Temperatures

Are the hot water temperatures at your home constantly fluctuating? Check the thermostat first before calling a plumber to repair the water heater. You might have set it wrongly. If the thermostat is set correctly, you have a cause for concern. This is a sign that there are underlying problems with your water heater. Call a water heater repair technician to come and inspect your water heater for any problem. A water heater should provide hot water at set temperatures.

From small pipes, faulty valves, a small water heater to an inverted temperature knob, many factors cause inconsistent water temperatures. A plumber will inspect all the parts that they suspect might cause the issue to diagnose and recommend the best repairs. Do not under any circumstance attempt to repair the water heater yourself.

Water Leaks

One of the warning signs that you need to call a plumber immediately is a leaking water heater tank. When you notice that the water heater is leaking, it is a sign that it is malfunctioning. You first notice still water near the water heater tank or see water dripping from the tank. At other times, the leaks might originate from the pipes. Water leaks are common in tank-type water heaters, although they can also affect tankless ones.

This problem may be because of not-closed valves or a loose connection. Although you feel you could quickly fix this using your DIY skills, we highly advise against it. Consider the age of your water heater before repairing it. You might find a water heater replacement may be cost-effective compared to water heater repair. Does your water heater leak? Call our experienced technicians at Peach Plumbing & Drain to inspect and repair the water heater to ensure that your home continues getting hot water.

No Hot water

Do you use a conventional water heater at your Brookhaven, GA home? We recommend you retain a plumber to maintain regularly. Enlist the services of a water heater repair technician to flush the water heater regularly to remove the sediments that may have buildup within the tank before they settle. When the sediments settle in the tank, they leave a smaller space for the hot water, making your hoe go without hot water for some days. The lack of hot water is among the signs of a failing water heater. If you have experienced such, consider enlisting the services of a plumber.

Ensure your water heater is flushed at least once per year. Otherwise, you may end up with clogged or corroded valves, and sometimes too late to repair the unit. Hence, you are forced to replace the part of the water heater or the whole unit. To avoid incurring extra costs, ensure you schedule maintenance with a plumber.

Old Water Heater

A conventional water heater has a lifespan of about 10-15 years, while a tankless water heater is about 20 years. However, this depends on whether you maintain our water heater regularly. If you do, your water heater may live long over its lifespan. If you do not maintain the water heater, it might never reach its lifespan. Therefore, ensure you enlist the services of a water heater repair technician to inspect and maintain the water heater regularly.

If you have realized you are constantly calling the plumber to repair the water heater, check the water heater for the installation date. If the water heater has lived past its lifespan, you better replace it. By choosing to repair it, you will incur frequent and repeated costs. After all, its parts are failing.

However, if the water heater is well within its lifespan, contact a plumbing service to inspect and repair it. A water heater is an expensive plumbing fixture, and replacing it regularly may cost you a fortune. Enlist the services of a water heater repair technician for regular maintenance and inspections to ensure it functions appropriately always.

If you are planning to replace your water heater? Seek advice from a plumber for the right water heater size for your home. Consider buying an ENERGY STAR-rated tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are more durable and efficient than tank-type water heaters. Hence, you will be saving more on energy utility bills by purchasing one. They also occupy less space and continuously supply hot water in your home.

Strange Noises

Have you heard strange noises emanate from your water heater? There are many reasons your water heater may make gurgling and banging noises. Crackling sounds in a gas-powered water heater indicate a possibility that there is condensation on its burner. Water leaks dripping onto the burner cause sizzling sounds. If your water heater produces a screeching sound, it indicates there is restricted water flow, probably caused by the water heater’s inlet control valve that is malfunctioning. Excess sediments and mineral deposits cause popping or banging sounds at the bottom of the water tank. This is common in homes having hard water.

Your water heater should not produce any sound. If you hear any of the above noises, call a plumber to inspect the water heater unit, diagnose the issue and resolve it.

Routine inspections always help. Contact licensed plumbers at Peach Plumbing & drain to inspect and maintain your water heater regularly. This will help prevent any plumbing emergency that may cause costly water heater repair or replacement.

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