Top Six Reasons Why Regular Plumbing Service Is Important For Your Home | Atlanta, GA

Top Six Reasons Why Regular Plumbing Service Is Important For Your Home | Atlanta, GA

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There are lots of myths about how waterborne diseases started. Probably you have heard the boring ones that it was something to do with aliens. So let’s skip these. Have you heard of this interesting misconception that the first waterborne disease epidemic was caused by an infected cave dweller relieving himself in waters upstream of his neighbors? Well, legends have it that the cave dweller’s waste mixed with the city’s piped water.

This led to healthy residents suddenly falling dead within hours, soldiers fainting, fever, hallucination, and ghastly blue pallor of nearby residents because of water contamination. The deadly plague was tied to contaminated drinking water and poor plumbing services.

Myths aside, floods and standing water cases have risen in Atlanta, GA, because of poor plumbing and drainage systems. Approximately half a million U.S households lack indoor plumbing. Shockingly, many of these tenants live without water or flushing toilets in some of America’s wealthiest cities.

If you are a resident of Atlanta, GA, be informed that out-of-order urinals, leaking bathrooms, clogged drains, wastewater accumulation, blocked sewage systems, and burst pipes are hazardous. They can make you vulnerable to infectious diseases. Please engage a professional plumbing provider for your emergency plumbing needs. Read on to find out the top six reasons plumbing services are essential for homeowners.

Professional Plumbing Services Protects You from Plagues

Did you know that invisible bacteria thrive and swim around in stagnant water? Water leakages because of poorly done plumbing servicing can lead to mold, which can cause asthma, allergic disorders, and respiratory disorders.

Clogged drains, rotten drain pipes, and inadequate sewer backups are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, mildews, and other germs. They can cause dysentery, obscene black boils, and green or black vomit or excreta. Worse still, nasty blocked sewer lines can cause gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and bloating.

Similarly, encephalitis, E. coli, shigellosis, relapsing fever, and hallucinations are deadly waterborne diseases resulting from improper plumbing serving. Professionally installed plumbing ducts and pipes can help avert all these health issues.

Improved Water Pressure and Drainage

Beginning or ending a long day with a low-pressure shower can be deeply unsatisfying after a long day’s work. Worse still, a clogged bathtub or gurgling sound in your sewer vent is enough to trigger an emotional fit of rage for the typical homeowner.

A certified professional plumber can address water pressure and drainage issues because they can adjust your water meter valves, replace your water pressure regulator, unclog corroded tubes, and adjust faulty plumbing fixtures.

Preserves Your Pipes

Did you know that excessive mineral content in water could shorten your plumbing ducts and tubes? Those innately occurring mineral deposits like magnesium, copper, or calcium accumulating on the interior of your pipes can restrict the flow and pressure of water or sewerage.

A quack plumber or a DIYer has basic knowledge of installing the usual water softeners that use sodium to neutralize your water minerals. However, a qualified, certified plumbing service provider will magically unleash the electronic softener that uses electromagnetic thrushes to dissolve minerals in your piping systems that can preserve your tubes, piping conduits, and ducts.

Prevents Water Wastage

Did you know that a leaky faucet is a notorious cause of high water bills? For example, a leaking faucet in your kitchen can waste close to 150 gallons in a week.

Whether it is a leaky toilet, a dripping faucet, or a trickling washing machine, periodically engaging your plumbing service contractor to seal the dripping areas can help save on water. Regular plumbing checks can help rescue cracked pipe or fittings, damaged washers and seals or wobbly nails, and rivets, which are culprits of water wastages.

Commonly forgotten rusted O-rings, which seal your cartridge, or corrode valve seats, are notorious water wasters. Routine plumbing checks are good because they can detect such breakdowns and use plumber’s tape and pipe joint compound for enhanced security to prevent water loss.

Safeguards Your Health

You probably never imagined that regular plumbing services could protect your health and prevent diseases. Right? Simply walking barefoot on burst sewer lines can cause diseases like hepatitis A, leptospirosis, diarrhea, E. coli, and cryptosporidiosis.

Sewage can also make you sick because of hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic to the body systems. High levels of hydrogen sulfide can cause respiratory tract disorders, nausea, vomiting, loss of memory, and even death.

Waterborne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, polio, and meningitis can also occur.

Saves Energy

Routine plumbing service to upgrade your pipe insulation can reduce the possibility of your pipes freezing during wintertime. Insulation prevents heat transfer, so when your plumbing ducts are properly insulated, your water heater will operate more efficiently to give you hot water.

Routine plumbing upgrades on your water fixtures like showerheads and faucets can help reduce sediments. When removed, Sediments can increase water pressure and, in turn, minimize heat wastage, thus saving on energy.

To Wrap It Up

Water is becoming a gradually scarce resource and homeowners need to preserve it by employing certified plumbers to provide quality plumbing services. Expansion of urban populations means that there will always be a constant demand for proper drainage systems, well-erected sewer lines, and piping ducts.

Homeowners should never tire of demanding properly planned drainage, sewerage, and plumbing systems because professionally installed plumbing systems equals fewer plagues, healthier families, and less environmental degradation.

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