Troubleshooting Sewer Backups In Residences: A Guide By Your Expert Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Troubleshooting Sewer Backups In Residences: A Guide By Your Expert Plumber | Atlanta, GA

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A sewer system is a key component of any household since it collects all the waste materials. For some homeowners the sewer system might not be on the top list of their maintenance checklist. Multiple people tend to disregard the role a sewage system plays in their lives. Some are rarely mindful of what they flush down their toilets or throw into their sink. You might be oblivious of the fact that some items may clog your sewer lines or even corrode the pipes, which may result in a sewage backup.

A sewage system should receive annual maintenance services from a professional plumber. That will ensure there are no underlying issues that may cost you a fortune to fix in the future. Some of these issues end up creating a sewage backup that can negatively impact your home. Below are some of the common causes of a sewage backup.

Clogged drains

One of the leading causes of sewage backup is clogged pipes. Flushing items such as wipes and feminine hygiene products may cause your pipes to clog. That is because these products do not decompose and end up getting stuck in the piping system. If you have a constant backup problem affecting more than one toilet or sink, you could have a serious issue that requires expert plumbing help. That could be an indication that the main sewer line has a problem.

Hard water is filled with mineral deposits and scum that tend to clog sewage pipes. You can have a plumber add a softener into the water to get rid of the scum. If the pipes are severely clogged, the wastewater won’t be carried away to the right place but will find its way into your home. Other than getting a professional to repair the above issues, there are things that you can work on to deter clogging issues. First off, avoid dumping too much grease in your sink since it also contributes to the pipes clogging. Next, do not load your garbage disposal with too much kitchen waste as some of it may not decompose.

Tree roots

While trees look beautiful in your backyard, their roots can do a lot of damage to your sewage pipes. As a tree ages, its roots tend to spread further and may find their way into your sewage system. The roots can inch, bust, or divert sewer drainage. That kind of damage can cause a sewer backup or end up damaging the entire system to a point that it needs replacement. You may notice that the tree and vegetation around it start withering since they are consuming harmful toxins from the raw sewage.

It can be a daunting task to detect if the trees in your backyard are affecting your sewage system, so have a professional plumber over to carry out a sewer video inspection. They can look directly into the pipes and provide a detailed diagnosis report alongside repair services.

Damaged pipes

With time, sewer pipes age and crack or get damaged in one way or another, warranting replacements from time to time. Most sewer pipes are made of plastic, which can become brittle as the years go by. When installing sewer pipes, your plumber may consider getting those manufactured out of copper or aluminum. Pipes made up of metal are more long-lasting and less prone to damage. They are strong enough and are hard for tree roots to penetrate through. However, their downside is they can react to harsh chemicals and get corroded with time. Your seasoned plumber can coat the pipes with an anode to ensure they don’t rust.

Cracked pipes cause the raw sewage to change its route and get absorbed by the soil, and that can damage the vegetation. It may also find its way into the water line and contaminate your water, affecting your well-being. In case you are having frequent sewage backup issues, have your local Atlanta, GA, plumber test your water for any signs of contamination and provide a lasting solution.

Sagging sewer lines

Sewer line bellies may create an aggravated sewage problem for homeowners. A sag in the sewer lines eventually leads to standing water and sediment collecting in the middle of the line, which in turn, can cause erosion, blockages, and a sewer backup. Sewer line bellies are mostly sacks or low points in the pipes which interfere with the normal flow of wastewater. That later causes a sewage backup since the water and elements collect in the belly instead of the sewage tank. Sewage bellies often result from poor installation of the sewage lines. A professional installation service requires proper bedding compaction, proper materials, and correct sloping; factors that are key in preventing a sewage backup.

However, natural occurrences such as earthquakes, tree roots, rain, sun or heat, and even cold weather fluctuations can cause the soil to shift and eventually form bellies. It’s crucial to have regular sewer line maintenance services from a certified plumber to ensure the system is always in a perfect state. They are likely to use the most accurate video inspecting technology to get a closer look at the entire sewer lateral system, allowing them to identify the issue and subsequently provide a solution.

Flooding or heavy rains

Unexpected heavy rainfalls introduce too much water into the system and cause pump stations and treatment plants to break down. As a result, untreated sewage may overflow from manhole covers and invade the water line system. Flooded sewage can be nerve-racking, and it can impact your health. Normally, a sewage system should handle a specific amount of water, and heavy rains cause it to exceed its holding capacities. Floods penetrate the underground system, causing sewage levels to rise and get released into the basements, drains, tubs, or water source.

Untreated sewage can affect drinking water and cause your household members to fall victim to germs that lead to sickness or death. Your local plumber can take various measures to mitigate the problem, for instance, updating portions of your plumbing system so that it can accommodate secure waste removal and ensure safe drinking water.

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