Types Of Plumbing Repair Services To Expect In Your Home: Insights From Peach Plumbing & Drain | Atlanta, GA

Types Of Plumbing Repair Services To Expect In Your Home: Insights From Peach Plumbing & Drain | Atlanta, GA

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From a recent survey, plumbing defects do not appear among the top issues homeowners face in the United States and Canada but still rank high among problems that most folks come across. Whether you own or live in a townhouse or apartment, plumbing issues are inevitable. And speed is vital when handling any plumbing emergency to avoid major structural damage and costly bills.

Depending on the plumbing problem, it may cost you between $172 and $455 to have it fixed. But, if you overlook it, don’t be surprised when you are stuck with enormous repair costs. Although there are over a hundred plumbing repairs, in this article, we’ll highlight the most common plumbing services that every homeowner in Atlanta, GA, should know about.

Faucet Repair Services

Common faucet repair services in your home may include a kitchen and bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, laundry room, and outdoor faucets.

If your bathroom wall is warped or discolored and water leaks from the ceiling, you could be having a malfunctioning faucet. It could be a rusty valve seat, run-down cartridge, loose O-Ring, or worn-out washer. In such cases, you may need a professional plumber to perform some repairs in the shower faucets by removing the cover caps, handle, and faceplate, then unscrewing the valve nuts to replace the washers.

Faucet repair services for kitchens often involve your plumbing expert fixing your sink’s drain that is leaking by unbolting it and sealing it with a plumber’s putty.

You can avoid frequent plumbing repairs on your faucets by investing in maintenance to keep these fixtures working correctly for a long time. It’s recommended to clean the faucet daily using a mild cleanser and damp cloth, then dry it with a soft cloth. Also, ensure to clean the aerator at least once a year by removing it and washing the screen with a brush.

Sewer Line Repair Services

A sewer line carries away your wastewater in a safe and sanitary way. It is a network of pipes that are buried underground, hence prone to damage due to wear and tear resulting from shifting soil, heat from the sun, and rainwater. Also, it could be damaged by substances passing through it, especially when they are corrosive or rough.

Unlike other plumbing problems, sewer line breakdowns are rare and may even take decades to concur. But, if you notice these signs, it’s recommended that you seek plumbing repair services and have the system fixed quickly. Common sewer problems faced by homeowners include pipe corrosion and shifting as well as tree intrusion.

To help you do that better, here are three of the most common sewer line problems you could face, plus some of the signs of each of them, and what you can do to fix them as quickly as possible.

Sump Pump Repair Services

A flooded basement is not a pleasant sight. That’s why most households have a sump pump to remove water and prevent flooding. A sump pump acts as a barrier against a basement flood, which could be due to a plumbing leak or flood. Since it’s a mechanical device, it’s bound to malfunction over time, causing a flood. Sump pumps rely on a power source and can fail when there is no power. Also, you could have purchased a poorly designed or cheaply built model.

When you detect excessive vibration when the sump pump is running, loud abnormal vibrating sounds, or irregular cycling, then your machine could be on the verge of failing. At this point, it’s best to have it checked by a licensed plumber.

Pipe Leak Repair Services

Leaky pipes can be irritating. They not only damage floors and furniture but also attract bugs because of the dampness. Leaks tend to happen at the pipe joints. Instead of seeking plumbing repair services, some homeowners opt for quick and cheap fixes such as tapes and fillers. For a long-term and permanent solution, it’s better to seek a plumbing repair service to replace the damaged components and related fittings.

During the icy winters in Atlanta, GA, it’s common to encounter leak issues because the water inside pipes freeze and expand, causing pipes to crack or even burst. At times the leak may occur in hidden parts of the walls, making it difficult to locate it, But signs such as high water bills, sewer smells, low water pressure, bulging ceilings, and moldy walls should signify that there is a leak somewhere in your home.

Gas Plumbing Repair Services

Over time the plumbing industry has expanded, and more established plumbing companies have moved into lucrative areas such as gas plumbing services.

Therefore, homeowners can receive gas plumbing services besides general plumbing services. Gas leaks are the most common gas plumbing repair service. It’s a serious issue that mainly occurs in old worn-out gas lines, but sometimes the leak could be due to a torn, puncture, or crack in the gas line.

A gas leak can easily be detected because of the pungent odor of propane or natural gas added by gas manufacturers. When you notice a gas leak, immediately switch off the main shutoff valve and call your gas supply company. As you wait for the plumbing repair company to arrive, it’s advisable to leave the house and stay at a safe distance. If not handled promptly, gas leaks can cause serious explosions and fires.

The most common indicator of a gas leak is usually dying vegetation where the gas lines run underground. Other gas plumbing problems include broken gas lines, faulty appliances, and gas supply issues.

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