Water Heater Repair: Common Problems To Watch Out For | Atlanta, GA.

Water Heater Repair: Common Problems To Watch Out For | Atlanta, GA.

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A water heater is an electrical or gas appliance that continuously heats water to ensure hot water is available whenever you want to wash dishes, shower, or do laundry. There are various types of water heaters available in Atlanta, GA, including conventional, tankless, condensing, solar, and heat pumps, and you probably own one for all your hot water needs.

Just like all the other appliances need maintenance, so does your water heater. Regular tune-ups on the water heater components make it easier for you to pinpoint problems and request appropriate water heater repair services to fix them.

However, if you do not carry out the much-needed routine servicing, you’ll be more likely to encounter problems with your water heating systems that will require an expert’s repair services. If you are the type that skips maintenance, here are six of the common problems to look out for.

1. Leaks

One common problem with most water heaters is leaking, which happens because of improper water pressure, a stuck valve, a faulty gasket, or defective temperature and pressure in the relief valves. The leaks you notice might also be due to overheating, loose bolts of the unit, and faulty plumbing connections.

After you see the leaking problems, there are some like tightening bolts that you might handle yourself. Other complicated issues involving overheating, stuck valves, faulty temperatures, and pressures will have to call an experienced professional for the repair you need.

2. Water Temperature

Other common issues with water heaters are temperature-related. If you notice that the water is cold when you have turned the water heater on, then the heater has a problem due to lack of power, a malfunctioned heating element, or a damaged thermostat. To detect the actual situation, you might need a water heater repair expert in Atlanta, GA, to check the power switches, the circuit breaker, replace fuses and thermostats, and fix the exact issue for peak performance.

Moreover, if the water is warm instead of hot, that also shows a severe problem with your water heater. The reasons for the warm water might be issues with a heating element, thermostat, or crossed connections. A reliable technician can handle the water heater repair and explain the reasons for the warm water to keep you informed if you reencounter the problem. However, if the warm water is due to the water heater’s size, you might have to get the right size with the help of a certified contractor.

Furthermore, the water might be too hot for bathing, washing, or laundry, which indicates a faulty thermostat with very high temperatures set. If you check the thermostat and release the temperatures beyond 120°, then you should request for the repair as soon as possible, or better still, adjust the thermostat yourself.

3. Strange Noises

When there are odd noises from your water tank, there are two possible water heater-related reasons that you should check out for. The first probability will be that there are sediments at the bottom of your water tank, and they are being heated by the water heater hence the noise. The sediments can be removed during regular maintenance.

Still, if you don’t have a maintenance program and left the residues, you will need the water heater repair services to ensure they are removed so that the heater continues to work correctly and smoothly. The other possible issue for the noise will be the water heater element is burning out. This requires you to ask for the water heater repair from your plumbing technician to make the necessary inspections and either make the required repairs or replacement, whichever will solve the problem effectively.

4. Dirty and Smelly Water

This is another common issue that you can identify when using your water heater. The dirty water is likely due to a rusty anode rod in the water heater system, which should be thoroughly inspected and fixed by a skilled plumbing technician that offers water heater repair services.

Sometimes the hot water might be producing a foul smell caused by bacteria. The bacteria find room to grow in the water tank because the water was heated by a water heater and stayed there for long. When this happens, you have to use a professional plumber to remove and replace the water. If the problem continues, then repairs after proper scrutiny of the water heater are obligatory.

5. The Pilot Light Is Out

This problem is common in gas water heaters, and if you have one, always check if the pilot light is on an indication that it is properly functioning in igniting the gas to warm your water. But, if the pilot light is off, you might have to switch it off then on, and if the problem persists, it implies you need to get an experienced contractor for the appropriate water heater repairs.

Since the pilot lights indicate optimal functioning thermostats, gas valves, and proper circulation of air in the gas line, when it’s off, it means that one of the components has a problem hence the need for comprehensive inspections to identify which part has malfunctioned.

6. High Utility Bills

Have your energy bills gone up recently? It might be that your water heater is malfunctioning. A damaged or broken water heater makes electricity bills surge because of the heat it requires to make the water hot with piled sediments at the tank’s bottom.

This problem needs water heater repairs that involve removing residues that build-up in the water heater tank. The bills might be spiking because of the age of the water heater. In case you have used it for more than 15 years, it is the cause of your increasing utility bills, which does not need a repair service, just a new replacement.

Your water heater might use a lot of energy if you have set the thermostat as high as 140 degrees, which can cause burn injuries in your home. The high degrees are beyond the recommended 120 degrees by the county’s Energy Department. This is a repair that you can handle by setting the thermostat to the recommended 120 degrees.

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