Water Heater Repair: Is It Time To Call A Plumber? | Atlanta, GA

Water Heater Repair: Is It Time To Call A Plumber? | Atlanta, GA

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A water heater is an essential plumbing fixture that ensures comfort in your residential or commercial property. It supplies your home or commercial property with continuous water. Therefore, you should maintain it regularly to ensure your faucets and showers never run out of hot water. Imagine waking in a winter morning to find you cannot shower because there is no hot water. There is nothing as depressing and frustrating as that. Additionally, the routine operations at your home can be adversely impacted by a malfunctioning water heater, not to forget that your family could catch a cold.

Hiring a seasoned plumber can guarantee hot water at your home from all seasons. They maintain your plumbing like water heaters to ensure your Atlanta, GA property is comfortable and has running hot water. But like any other appliance, this vital plumbing fixture is prone to break up. You should lookout for the following telltale signs to know when it needs the attention of a plumber.

Noisy Burners

Does your water heater make noise? Dirt and debris may stick on your water heater’s burner. This dirt makes your water heating unit start making unusual clunking and burning noises. If the sealed combustion chamber leaks, it can make the combustion process unstable, leading to these strange noises.

If the water heating unit is not ventilated correctly, it may make weird sounds. Hire a plumber to inspect your unit for the cause of the strange noises. Our plumbers at peach plumbing will diagnose the issue and resolve it promptly and professionally. You can also retain them for regular water heater repair inspections and maintenance to ensure that your home has continuously running hot water.

Extremely Hot Water

Is your water heater producing extremely hot water? You might have set the thermostat high. You could resolve the problem by adjusting it to lower acceptable levels in such a case. The other causes of extremely hot water from your unit are faulty temperature and pressure sensors and excessive sedimentation within the water heater’s pipes.

Although you might have taken a DIY tutorial and may have a few tricks of resolving this issue under your sleeve, any plumber would caution you against it. Most manufacturers require that a licensed plumber perform a repair to benefit from the warranty. Otherwise, fixing the water heater yourself without a water heater repair technician will almost automatically void the warranty. Besides this, you may end up extrapolating the problem, which will cost you more.

Hence, instead of making various tweaks in your heater or thermostat configurations, let a plumber help you resolve the issue. You might be repairing this component while the cause of the problem is an entirely different component. Plumbers are professionally equipped to efficiently handle all the problems with your water heating unit.

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Is your water warm when you turn on the water heater, turn cold, and then become hot a few minutes later? You should immediately call a water heater repair technician. This commonly happens if another person has used the shower and you are next in line. The warm water they left in the pipes pours out first and then cold water. You get hot water again when the next heating cycle starts.

This problem may also be caused by improperly sized gas lines leading to your water heater, a worn outflow sensor, or a damaged plumbing crossover that causes the hot and cold water to mix. Regardless of the cause, it best serves you to enlist the services of a water heater repair technician from a reputable plumbing service like Peach Plumbing & Drain.

Non-Igniting Gas Burners

If your water heater does not ignite or produce a frame, it might have poor ventilation installed. The flame could also be put out by excessive condensation. A loose or damaged frame rod may also make the gas burner not ignite. If the gas valve is open when it should be closed, the gas burner might not ignite. In a nutshell, many factors might make the gas burner not ignite.

Regardless of the cause, you should enlist the services of a plumber to inspect the source of the problem, diagnose the issue and resolve it. Since they have enough experience, they can also recommend other ways to remedy the problem.

Lukewarm Water

Does your water heater produce lukewarm water? This is the other sign you should look out for. Lukewarm water may result from a malfunctioning gas valve or an improperly sized water heater. Enlist the services of a professional water heater repair technician to inspect the heater for the root cause of the issue. They will promptly diagnose and resolve the problem, and if any component needs a replacement, the technician will perform it.

A build-up of mineral sediments inside the heat exchanger may also reduce your water heater’s heating effectiveness. The deposits limit the flow and production of hot water. If your water heater produces lukewarm water, contact Peach Plumbing for descaling, replacement, and water heater repair services.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your water heater may be caused by a clog or a blockage within it. A blockage may also occur in the pipes leading to the water heater. Leaks in the hot water plumbing lines can also lower the water pressure. If many hot water appliances are used simultaneously, your home’s water pressure may be low. Additionally, problems at the local water utility company might lower the hot water pressure at your home.

As you can see, many factors affect water pressure. That is precisely the reason why you should enlist the services of a reputable water heater repair technician. At Peach Plumbing, our technicians are equipped with the right tools to check the water pressure, inspect, diagnose and perform your water heater repair.

As pointed out in the introduction, a water heater is a vital plumbing appliance. Therefore, you must maintain it to ensure the comfort of your residential or commercial property in Atlanta, GA. Hot water helps improve your home’s hygiene. If you want a durable and energy-conserving water heater, purchase a water heater.

Ensure you are on the lookout for the above signs to know when to call your water heater repair technician. Do you need water heater repair, installation, maintenance, or repair services in Atlanta, GA? Call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain today.

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