Water Heater Repair: Signs You Need to Call A Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Water Heater Repair: Signs You Need to Call A Plumber | Atlanta, GA

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Appliances in your Atlanta, GA, home are vital for daily life and are supposed life more convenient. However, some have more importance compared to others. For instance, you can take your clothes to the laundromat if the washing machine stops working or wash your dishes by hand if the dishwasher malfunctions.

However, you cannot live without some appliances like a refrigerator. In case the refrigerator malfunctions, the frozen and refrigerated food gets spoiled. You will not be in a position to keep frozen or cold beverages or food at your home.

Similarly, you cannot afford life without a water heater. A water heater is a device for heating water stored in a tank. Therefore, you will have a constant supply of hot water when you go for a shower or open your faucets. If the water heater is not functioning, doing daily household chores like showering, cooking, or cleaning becomes difficult.

Knowing the signs that your water heater is malfunctioning is the best way to stay ahead of the issue. Below are the signs to look out for to know you need a water heater repair technician.

1. The Water Is Not Getting Hot Enough

One of the primary signs that your water heater is malfunctioning is if it does not heat the water to the desired temperatures. If you observe that even after turning the water heater on for some time, it is not heating the water to the required temperatures; it is time to schedule for water heater repair.

The issue could be the thermostat or other parts that make the intricate water heating system. Ensure that the thermostat operates at 120 degrees. The water will be hot enough to do various day-to-day tasks while remaining hot enough to avoid scalding.

Is your thermostat set to work correctly but still experiencing the problem? It is time to call a repair plumber. There could be a faulty heating element. If the heating system has only one working heating element, it will not offer enough heat for the water inside the tank to remain hot. A professional plumber will inspect your water heater, diagnose the problem and resolve it fully.

2. Your Home Has No Hot Water

If only cold water comes out after turning the shower or faucet on for a few minutes, it may be time to schedule a water heater repair. Although there are some minor problems that you may fix, you are advised to call a plumber.

Attempting to repair the problem yourself can leave your water heater in a more miserable state. You may end up spending more than what you would have used had you called a plumber. We highly discourage DIYing your water heater. One problem may result from another underlying issue, and fixing it yourself only provides a short-term solution.

A professional plumber inspects your water heater for all the problems. After diagnosing the problem, the plumber may repair or replace some elements of your water heater to ensure that the issue is resolved entirely. Thus, you will not have to worry about the water heater problem recurring soon.

3. Discolored Hot Water

Have you observed a brown tint in the water coming from the showerheads and taps of your Atlanta, GA, home? It could be likely rust contaminates the water. Using rusty water is unhygienic and dangerous to your health.

If the cold and hot water has a blown appearance, it is most likely that the pipes are corroded, and replacements are necessary. However, if you observe the discoloration in hot water alone, schedule a visit with a plumber for the water heater repair.

The buildup of sediments inside your water heater tank can contaminate and break up your hot water. Do not use your hot water until a plumber inspects, diagnoses, and repairs your water heater.

4. Strange Sounds Emanating from the Water Heater

A proper functioning water heater should not produce any noise. Therefore, if you hear strange sounds originating from your water heater, contact water heater repair services immediately. They will send a plumber to inspect the water heater for the problem causing the sound. There are distinct sounds for varying issues. However, they all require a water heater repair plumber. Below are some sounds your water heater may produce.


These are among the typical water heater sounds. It is caused by the buildup of sediments in a water tank that sticks at its bottom. These sediments trap some water beneath them. The pressure coming from the steam bubbles can produce a popping sound. Ignoring the problem while using an older water heater model causes pressure buildup. The buildup might cause the explosion of your water heater.


Have you heard a banging sound come from your water heater tank? It implies there may be large sediment inside your water tank. The sediment hitting the water tank’s sides causes a banging sound. Ignoring the problem may result in the cracking of your water heater. It may lead to flooding of your home by the water held in your tank.


Sizzling sounds may be a sign that you have a leak in your water heater that might cause major flooding in your home.


These sounds show the water flow is being inhibited or restricted.

Have you heard any or all of the above sounds emanating from the water heater? Call Peach Plumbing & Drain for a quick resolution of the problem. We have plumbers specializing in water heater repair who will inspect, diagnose, and repair your water heater professionally, giving your home the seamless flow of hot water back.

5. The Hot Water Has a Foul Smell

Your home’s hot water should not produce any smell. Is the hot water producing a foul smell like that of rotten eggs? It is a clear sign to schedule an appointment with a plumber specializing in water heater repair as soon as possible.

The buildup of sulfate bacteria in the water tank is the primary cause of the odor. If the warm water stays inside your water tank for long, the buildup of bacteria happens. Thus, you get a foul stench similar to that of rotten eggs.

The other problem that may cause the hot water to produce an odor is the breakdown of magnesium in the water. However, this occurrence is not common but may happen in homes that use water softeners. The breakdown of the magnesium creates sulfate gasses in the water, causing it to smell awful.

Calling a plumber specializing in water heater repair is probably the best way to resolve the issue. If you smell the odor from your water, do not use the water until a plumber resolves the issue.

Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

Have you noticed either of the above issues in your home? A water heater is among the essential appliances for any home. You do not want to find that it has problems and cannot work during the winter and spring months.

Therefore, it is vital to have an emergency plumber on standby. Do not wait for the problem to arise—schedule for routine maintenance with Peach Plumbing & Drain. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have convenience and comfort in your home. Our plumbers are experienced and licensed to tackle all plumbing-related issues, including water heater repairs.

Call us today to learn more about our services. Let the water heater at your home remain operational with Peach Plumbing & Drain maintenance.

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