Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

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The first sign of an underground leak is often larger than the anticipated water bill. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help you to locate the leak. if you spot a damp area on your lawn or it is greener than usual, this is a sign that you have an underground leak, and that you need a water line repair.

But who do you turn to in Atlanta, GA, to undertake this water line repair? Whatever sort of plumbing service you require, you should call Peach plumbing. Our professional team can deliver a full range of essential services at all hours of the day or night. We have many years of experience dealing with repairs. We are on point to help you out in a crisis.

Underground Water Line Repair Problems

A leaky underground pipe can cause a lot of problems. If it is inside your home, carpets, flooring and even the foundation can be ruined. If it is outside a bad leak could create sinkholes and wash away soil from your garden and ruin it. If you have a septic tank the drain field can flood, and cause sewage to flow to the surface or back up into your home. Several factors can determine the cost of a water line repair.

Finding the Leak

Underground water lines are usually built to last. But they can deteriorate over time. Older lines were made of lead and you may want to replace these. Our technicians at Peach plumbing have sophisticated equipment to help locate any leak and determine the extent of any damage.

The Type of Blockages and Obstructions Found

Anything that obstructs the water line repair will drive up the cost. Having to dig through tree roots and stumps will increase the repair cost. If you are unfortunate to have a slab leak you may have to sledgehammer through the concrete foundation to reach the line. This will certainly drive up your repair bill.

How Deep the Water Line Is Dug

The deeper the service trench that needs to be dug, then the greater the cost will be. Each state has different depth requirements for water lines connected to the water main. The water line also needs to lie under the frost line, or it will freeze during the winter.

Line Location

You need to obtain certain permissions before you can dig a water line. You need to know the location of buried utilities so that you do not accidentally dig into an underground utility line. This may not drive the cost up by much, but it can take time and delay the start of the project.

How Do I Know That I Need a Water Line Repair?

It is not always easy to spot an underground water leak. Very rarely are you going to get a Las Vegas-style fountain display in your yard?. But there are several warning signs to keep a lookout for.

Higher than Expected Water Bills

This is often the first sign of any leak, which allows water to run 24/7. Check your water meter, to see if it is running when no water appliances are being used.

Pooling of Water Around Your House

If water or sewer lines leak or burst under your home, water will accumulate under the foundation until it finds a way to escape. It will tend to pool around the outside of your house. This will cause structural damage to your foundation and if ignored your home.

Your Grass Is Green and Damp

Another sign is if your garden is looking very green and is damp, even if it has not rained. If you have a septic tank, the drain field may get saturated and affect its safe operation. If you are having problems with your septic tank and underground water leak may be the cause.

Your Floor Is Warm to the Touch

If the leak under the concrete foundation of your home is from the hot water line, that hot water will heat the concrete directly above it, and then eventually your flooring. If there are unusual warm spots on your floor this could be the reason.

The Concrete Slab Has Cracked

If the ground under your concrete slab is saturated, it can alternatively freeze and then thaw. This creates extra pressure on the concrete slab and can cause it to crack. If you can see cracks in the concrete floor or on the walls, you need to act quickly to find the source of the leak and then have a water line repair.

Your Carpets Are Damp and Smell of Mold

Water can then enter the slab through the cracks in the concrete floor. If you discover that your floor or carpet is wet and smells of mold, you have a serious problem and need a water line repair.

Discolored Water

If your drinking water is discolored and starting to taste unpleasant, this is a red flag that there is a problem with your water line. Copper lines will corrode over time and pieces of rust can fall into your water supply and so pollute it.

Low Water Pressure

When water is escaping from your pipes through a leak, that means less water can travel around your home so reducing the pressure.

Peach Plumbing Proud to Serve Atlanta, GA.

We understand the stress you are under when you need any plumbing work. But a water line repair is a job nobody wants to deal with. It can be a dirty and messy business to locate and repair/replace a broken water line.

Our technicians have spent years working on water lines. If possible, we try to avoid digging up gardens and foundations. Often, we can redirect the line to avoid this. It may even be possible to reline the pipes with a durable plastic coating. Whatever we do we will clean the mess up then we have finished.

If you think your leak is somewhere in your home, do not wait to get it fixed, call Peach Plumbing & Drain today. The longer it runs the greater the water damage done.

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