Water Line Repair: Targeting Your Water Line For Plumbing Maintenance | Atlanta, GA

Water Line Repair: Targeting Your Water Line For Plumbing Maintenance | Atlanta, GA

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Homeowners are always pondering about the future. They understand when things fall apart, they can take several approaches to remedy the situation. A homeowner should implement maintenance strategies for their plumbing, keep them in a functional state, and call an emergency plumber whenever things go wrong.

Many homeowners are between the two above. Their budgets guide them and try to prevent service disruptions at home. Whenever your plumbing leaks, at Peach Plumbing & Drain, our emergency plumbers will get into action and perform a water line repair. However, we also consider the cause of the leak when resolving the problem at the source.

The broad approach to resolving your plumbing problem ensures that your plumbing system, specifically the water line, functions optimally. Therefore, schedule regular plumbing maintenance for your Atlanta, GA home to avoid inconveniences. You will also keep off the costly repair and maintenance, which happens when you neglect your plumbing system.

While we are here, we advise you not to attempt any DIY plumbing works on your water line. You may exacerbate the simple issue to a more protracted problem that costs more in repairs and replacements. The leak can damage your property, your home’s foundation or become a health hazard. Let your professional plumber handle the issue. So, how does Peach Plumbing & Drain target your water line repair?

1. Leak Detection Tools

Finding the leak may take time and result in repairs under concrete and the walls. The technicians from Peach Plumbing & Drain often turn to technology. They combine the equipment and professional knowledge in plumbing to locate the source of the problem.

The water might have traveled for some distance before it springs the signs of a leak. It might have run down a pipe inside the wall or soaked in the ground beneath your house. An experienced plumber like Peach Plumbing & Drain has more insight into what might cause the problem and pinpoint the exact source.

Because they know where your water line could leak, our plumbers use modern leakage detection tools to pinpoint the location with precision. The technicians can embark on water line repair at the earliest possible time. If you are among Peach Plumbing & Drain’s seasoned customers, we may detect the water line issue and advise you accordingly. Therefore, we help you plan ahead of the damage while avoiding them altogether.

2. Is the Leak a One-Time Issue or a Sign of Water Line Trouble?

The leak may be a one-time thing or indicate a broader underlying issue. It may arise from a damaged pipe whose wall was cut during the construction or a poorly connected one. However, a more prevalent problem that may cause the leak inside your water line, frozen water.

In winter, in Atlanta, GA, temperatures may drop to as low as 500F. The low temperatures cause the water inside the water line to freeze. The blockage may expand and puncture the water line, leading to leaks. Our plumbers will inspect the issue to diagnose the cause and the source.

If you have an older home, the decaying old water line pipe and pipe corrosion might point to a need to replace the water line. If not replaced, the water line will need frequent repairs that may become expensive as they pile up. They may also result in a plumbing emergency if they burst because of a blockage or high water pressure. In such a case, a water line repair is inevitable.

The leakage signs may take time to manifest, especially if they happen in the basement or within your walls. If the repairs require a significant effort, like digging down your yard or working under the concrete slab, it requires a comprehensive fix. A Plumbing technician can help you with water line repairs, replacements, and installation.

3. Video Inspection Helps Report the Condition of the Pipes

If our plumbers have concerns that your pipes may corrode, they take time to inspect their condition visually, especially the water line. Your home may have hard water, making raising suds in the washer difficult.

There may be high to no corrosion levels depending on the material used to make your water line pipes. Steel and iron pipes are highly corrosive. Copper pipes are also vulnerable to corrosion, while PVC pipes do not corrode. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber is vital to know the water’s hardness levels and take proactive water softening measures.

Corrosion is less likely to affect the pipes at your home. It has a water softening system. If you have not installed a water softening system at your home, you may want to discuss this with your plumber. Our plumbers use video inspection equipment to inspect your water line for any issues.

If they detect any problem like corrosion, you may be staring at pinhole leaks or other severe damages at your home. Water line repair or replacement may be necessary based on the damage extent.

4. Re-piping Might Sound Major Although It Is Common

If your water line has served you excellently over the decades, their lifespan has probably ended. If the pipes are made of iron, copper, or steel, they may thin because of corrosion. After all, these plumbing fixtures are not designed to be everlasting.

When our experienced plumbers notice signs of decay in your water line, they often discuss with you the options for resolving the problem. They can recommend re-piping or repairing the water line now and then to ensure continued use. However, the latter may prove expensive if you add up the repair costs.

In old homes, re-piping is common. The water line in these homes is exposed to risk factors like corrosion, aging, or they had used pipes made of the wrong material. When our team diagnoses the problem, they start with the water line repair that resolves the leak and informs you of what might have caused it.

Water Line Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

A water line is one of the three main plumbing lines in your home, including the main line and the sewer line. It connects your home and the main line and delivers clean water to the house. Therefore, you need to maintain the water line always to avoid inconveniences that may arise from its leakages and blockages. A leaking water line can also cause an increase in your water utility bills.

At Peach Plumbing & Drain, we take a broad approach to repairing your water line problems, addressing both the cause and the source. It means that when our plumbers leave your home, the issue is resolved.

Do you need water line repair services for your commercial or residential property? Call Peach Plumbing & Drain to learn more about our plumbing services.

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