Water Pressure: Insights from Your Reliable Plumber in Buckhead, GA

Water Pressure: Insights from Your Reliable Plumber in Buckhead, GA

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Homeowners in Buckhead, GA know that they will run into many situations that require the services of a plumber. Anything from drain clogs to basic home plumbing repairs all rely on the expertise of licensed professionals, and with that in mind, there is only one single company to call for the best possible plumbing service. That company is Peach Plumbing & Drain in the Buckhead, GA area.

The recent increase in urban and suburban population has led to a drastic boost in the demand for more water, and with that comes much in the way of stress on your home’s plumbing system. Increases in your water pressure puts your pipes, drains, fixtures, and in some cases, even your home appliances. As a result, these items can break over time, which simply means that you may have to call for plumbing repair service.

Consider the case of your water heater. When too much water pressure is applied to a water heater, problems can result. Sometimes these problems are so severe in nature that they can cause your water heater’s tank to expand and break right at the seam. This is especially true when this level of water pressure is combined with the intense heat of the water inside your tank. When this happens, it’s time to call a plumber for an assessment and a possible replacement as soon as possible.

Pipes are also vulnerable to intense water pressure, which can get so bad that they may end up cracking or bursting at any moment and without warning. Your sinks may emit an unusually strong burst of water when you turn on the faucet at a normal level. Other discrepancies that are more subtle may include fluctuations in your water pressure when it swings from being too high to being too low. Those who happen to live on a steep hill or mountain may require the use of a special pump just to bring a steady supply of water to your home in order to avoid excessive pressure that affects those areas, and having one installed is something that your plumber can do for you.

Not only can intense water pressure impact the lifespan of your home appliances, but it also has the capacity to affect the inner workings of your pipes. Some of your pipework may get knocked loose if the water pressure is much too intense, which can present the worst case scenario in the form of a pipe leak or a pipe that has suddenly burst without warning. Your plumber should be able to help you fix this problem before it gets any worse, and they can do so by simply using a gauge to test the water pressure in your home. From there, the plumber may be able to fix your water pressure regulator or install a brand new one.

Too much water pressure has other drawbacks, such as sudden and unexplained increases in your monthly water bills, which will only get worse over time. Having this problem addressed right away is critical to the health and safety of your home’s plumbing and can keep it running well for many years.

Even low water pressure can be equally damaging to the plumbing system in your Buckhead, GA home. Low water pressure can slow the impact of any appliance in your home that relies on the water supply to do its job effectively. It can slow down your washer, and it can cause your dishwasher to take two or more cycles just to get your dishes appropriately cleaned and sanitized. This problem can not only run up your water bill but can also put an increase in your electricity bill in cases where these appliances do run on an outlet.

Low water pressure that comes from only one plumbing fixture can be fixed by having the plumber simply look at the fixture itself. From there, they can determine if the problem lies in your pipes or in the faucet. But if the problem lies in more than one plumbing fixture, then it’s possible that the culprit is most likely in the water meter valve, which is the gateway that brings the municipal water supply into your home. If this valve is only half open, then it may need to simply be adjusted by a professional in order to bring the pressure up to the standard 50 psi that most homes typically go by.

Working to avoid significant plumbing damage due to low water pressure is just as critical due to the fact that it can have an impact on your drains. The failure of your toilet to go completely down when flushing could have its roots in low water pressure. In this case, the culprit is most likely in a clogged or leaky pipe, both of which can be fixed by a professional.

There are many causes that affect the water pressure in your home. If the demand for water in your home or building is too high, then you may experience a significant drop in your water pressure. Other factors that contribute to this annoying and time-consuming problem can lie in your fixtures. For example, a faucet can become clogged due to hard sediment build up over time and lead to a drop in your water pressure. The supply may come out in just barely a dribble when you turn it on. In this case, your plumber should consider having your faucet replaced quickly.

Another source of low water pressure lies in the pipes. Any pipes that have holes or cracks, are corroded, or have serious clogs in them can influence your water pressure greatly. Water pressure can decrease significantly as a direct result, and having your pipes routinely inspected and cleaned by your plumber can solve this issue.

Whether your water pressure is too much or too little, Peach Plumbing & Drain can help. An even flow is vital to your home’s water supply, and when the flow gets disrupted, it’s time to seek help. Call or visit online today to speak to a plumber, it’s worth it.

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