Ways To Keep Your Drains From Backing Up And Why You May Need Drain Cleaning Service After All | Atlanta, GA

Ways To Keep Your Drains From Backing Up And Why You May Need Drain Cleaning Service After All | Atlanta, GA

At Peach Plumbing & Drain in Atlanta, GA, our drain cleaning service has a lot of tips about keeping your drains clear because we’ve seen a wide range of clogs. From kids’ plastic toys to cell phones, flushable material that somehow didn’t make it down to materials that shouldn’t be flushed but who knew? We’re especially good at chasing down drain problems that seem complicated, involving multiple fixtures in a mysterious flush here, water coming up there or other system-wide issues. To help our customers avoid midnight calls and unexpected overflows, we provide an annual whole-house drain cleaning service that’s careful and thorough, providing a clean sweep through your wastewater plumbing that removes buildup leading to clogs, partial clogs, and any other problems that haven’t yet shown themselves but will. We use video inspection to identify problems so we can choose the right methods to resolve them, and our experienced plumbers are great at diagnosing issues based on their many years of experience for faster, more accurate drain cleaning services. Best of all, we’re careful and respectful in your home, ensuring that we take care of the mess in your drains without making a mess anywhere else. Our goal is to take care of your plumbing with 5-star service and help you relax knowing your home’s fixtures and pipes are in good hands.

Your Drains Are Not Black Holes That Swallow All Matter

It’s important to remember that your drains lead to P-traps, long runs of pipe, elbows and tees, and other places where problems can develop. When it’s just water flowing down, it moves easily in most cases. Even then, if you have a blocked plumbing vent on the roof, you’ll find that even water has trouble flowing down the pipes without air coming in to follow. When there’s something other than water going down the drain or being flushed, there are a few things to remember. For one, grease makes a mess in your pipes, even if you run hot water as you pour it in. Somewhere down the line, that hot water will cool and the grease will stick nicely to pipe walls. In fact, it will cling just about anywhere, and provide a nice sticky start for a clog to form. Other materials such as hair and organic material will follow, and it won’t all just go down and out to wherever your sewer leads.

Flushing large amounts of anything can also lead to trouble, especially if there’s minimal water to follow. If that material tends to expand in water, like rice or pasta, you can actually wind up with a sponge-like expansion and blockage in the P-trap, the bend of a pipe, or somewhere else where the material decides to pause. All of these materials can get a head start with plenty of water behind them, but when that just causes them to get stuck further down your pipes, you’ll have multiple sinks or toilets backing up and other problems that result from deep clogs. Fortunately, our drain cleaning service is thorough, and we make sure that we’re not just getting the sink or toilet flowing again, but fully flowing because we removed the root clog and the trouble is addressed. There’s nothing more frustrating, we know, than thinking you’ve won the day with a few pushes of the plunger, only to find that glory doesn’t last long. Often, that’s because the clog was dislodged, moved further down the pipes with the flowing water, and finally turned so it’s blocking the pipes again.

When You’re Saving Water, Drain Care Is Even More Important

Saving water is important both for your budget and because our growing community needs to conserve to meet our needs. As your professional plumber, we have many ways to help you save including toilets that use less water and still flush effectively, even offering dual-flush systems so you can choose the volume of water used. We have great shower heads to use that help you save water with low flow, but still give you a good rinse so you don’t wind up using more water to finish your shower. For sinks, many Atlanta, GA homeowners find that installing touchless faucets saves hundreds of gallons a year as well as adding convenience. If you find shutting off the water while you brush your teeth or shave annoying, the touchless faucet will take care of it for you, and quickly resume the stream when you need it. Our drain cleaning service helps you keep your pipes clean enough that this more limited flow of water doesn’t leave clogs forming along the way. Annual whole house drain cleaning service is especially important since it “forgives” any material that got flushed or poured down the drain and stuck, leaving the pipes clean again.

What About Your Sewer?

Our drain cleaning service sometimes responds to sink backups and toilet problems, usually in the basement, that are actually the result of sewer line trouble. As your full-service plumber, we have plenty of ways that we can help address sewer issues as well. In some cases, the sewer line accumulates clog materials and causes an alarming backup. We can use various methods including hydro-jetting to blast away these large sewer clogs and resume flow. When the problem is in the pipe, our experts will video inspect and recommend a number of potential solutions.

Your Drain Cleaning Professionals and Expert Plumbers in Atlanta

Peach Plumbing & Drain is the company to turn to for plumbing information and experienced drain cleaning services in Atlanta, GA. We’re locally owned and operated, with a combined experience of over 72 years. That’s a lot of drain cleaning services and other plumbing care provided to the community we know so well and care about. We’re ready for your call 24/7 providing 5-star service and clear upfront estimates to make life easier for you. Call today and discover the Atlanta area’s best plumber!

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