What A Plumber Might Diagnose As The Reason Why Your Washer Isn’t Draining | Atlanta, GA

What A Plumber Might Diagnose As The Reason Why Your Washer Isn’t Draining | Atlanta, GA

Do you have a washing machine at your home? If you do, then you understand the convenience that it brings. However, it does run into electrical and plumbing issues. One of the plumbing issues your washing machine might experience is when it doesn’t drain. The drain issues with your washing machine can fall into two categories. Either the water doesn’t drain from the washing machine or leaves the unit but doesn’t flow into the plumbing system.

To force the standing water from the washer, you can use the most direct, albeit tedious, way to bail the water out. Alternatively, you can just let a hose do the work for you. Several particular issues may cause these problems. However, diagnosing the reasons why your washing machine cannot drain properly might prove a tricky undertaking. Hence, you want to hire a plumber to inspect it. Below are the common reasons why your washing machine isn’t draining properly.

Drain Hose Issues

Do you hear that the pump in your washing machine is running, but the water isn’t leaving the unit? Then there is a high likelihood that the drain hose that runs from the back of the washer to a washtub or the drain standpipe is clogged by cloth fibers. Sometimes, this can happen after you clean things like rugs that might shed lots of fabric fibers or if the drain pipe is pinched. If this hose is clogged, it might prevent the water from getting pumped out from the washer.

When a technician comes for an inspection, they will remove the drain hose that is attached to the washing machine and ensure that it is devoid of any clogs. They can either fill the pipe with water and see if it flows to the other side or blow air through it. The plumber will remove the clog to ensure the water can continue flowing. Should the pipe be badly kinked or worn out, then the technician from the plumbing company might recommend that you replace it.

Drain Pump Problems

Do you heat the pump operating with a whistling sound? That is a sign that a piece of fabric or any other item might be inhibiting the pump mechanism. The technician from a plumbing company near you in Atlanta, GA will shut off the washing machine and drain it, then remove the panel of your washing machine to inspect the water pump. Unfortunately, the pump might be clogged. The clog may also be in the corrugated tubing that leads to the unit’s pump.

Most washing machine pumps feature removable covers. Within them is a filter screen that catches any dirt or debris. If the filter screen is obstructed, the professional plumber might clean and reassemble it to fix the issue. The filter screen should be cleaned of any lint that can be seen and rinsed in water.

Additionally, inspecting the pump’s impellers ensures that the impellers spin smoothly and are unobstructed by any debris. Test the machine after reassembling the pump and then the cover panel. It’s likely that the water pump might have failed and has to be replaced if it makes no running noise at all and there are no clogs in the drain hose or pump. Although a knowledgeable individual may be able to obtain the part and carry out the replacement, a plumber is usually the best person to handle this.

Drive Belt Problems

A drive belt that wraps around pulleys on your washing machine motor’s base drives the pump. The washing machine might not drain if this belt is damaged or isn’t fastened tightly to the pulleys. You must flip the machine over and look at the belt to fix this. Homeowners can perform this task themselves, though many choose to hire a plumber from your reliable plumbing company for a job of this magnitude. The professional will replace the drive belt or lubricate it to ensure it runs between the wheels.

Lid Switch Problems

A small switch made of plastic fitted under the door or lid senses when the washing machine’s door is shut for the machine to operate. If the switch is malfunctioning, then the washer might not drain properly. You might have to call a plumbing company in Atlanta, GA to have a plumber come over and repair the lid switch to ensure that the washer drains properly. The technician will most likely replace the lid switch if faulty.

Plumbing System Problems

The issue is likely a normal drain clog if water is pumped out of the washing machine and then poured out from the drain stand pipe or flowing back up in the washtub. The plumbing piping into which the washer empties frequently experiences drain blockages because little clothing fibers are often discharged through the system. Water backs up in the standpipe due to a clogged drain spilling onto the floor.

About two feet of the washer drain hose are inserted into the plumbing drainage standpipe. In some washing machines, the drain pipe might be clamped into the washtub’s side, although this isn’t a frequent practice, especially with the latest models. The water then enters a drain trap after that. Either this trapped area or down the drain pipe could have a clog.

To determine the location of the clog, the technician will use an inspection camera. They also might fill the washer with water and turn on the dial to drain the water. The plumber will position themselves where they can see the drainage standpipe. However, this method is prone to many errors. The plumber might then use a drain snake to remove the clog.

A washing machine adds to the convenience of your home. Hence, you want to ensure that it is efficiently functioning. This can be done by enlisting a plumber for routine plumbing maintenance. For any plumbing service in Atlanta, GA, contact us at Peach Plumbing & Drain.

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