When To Call An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

When To Call An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

Homeowners know that one of the most frustrating things is having to deal with a plumbing emergency mostly because they happen at the most inconvenient times and because they can cause untold damage to the structure of their homes. The worst part is that when plumbing emergencies happen in the middle of the night or on weekends, finding a regular plumbing service in Sandy Springs, GA that’s open is pretty much impossible. Thankfully there are emergency plumber services you can call that are willing to help you whenever you find yourself knee-deep in water, but before you grab your phone to call them, let’s take a look at what a plumbing emergency actually is.

What Is a Real Plumbing Emergency?

Before we get started on explaining what constitutes a plumbing emergency, let’s talk about what it isn’t. A plumbing emergency is not when part of your soap bar goes down the drain and stops the flow of water for a little bit, or when your child pours half of her school’s glue into your toilet. Simple things like that don’t represent an immediate problem and can be fixed with household tools and patience.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when you are in the middle of a plumbing issue and need to determine whether you need an emergency plumber or not, is cost. Ask yourself if it’s worth it to call somebody to unclog your toilet because your child flushed too much toilet paper or it can wait until Monday, even if you suffer for a bit. On the other hand, if the clog caused by your child flushing down an entire roll of paper is causing your toilet to overflow, then you need an emergency plumber to fix it right away.

When Should You Call An Emergency Plumber?

As we mentioned previously, there are times in which a plumbing issue can wait a few hours or days until you can reach a regular plumbing service, but sometimes you will have no choice but to call an emergency plumber, no matter how expensive the service will be. So, let’s take a look at some common household plumbing problems and when they should be considered an emergency.

Your drain is clogged and you can’t clear it yourself – Clogged drains can be extremely frustrating and can be a pain to clear, but even though drains can become clogged by everything from a child’s toy to food, most clogs are made out of hair and soap scum. If your drain is clogged and you have tried everything you can think of to unclog it, then it’s time to call in a plumber before you damage your pipes.

Your toilet is overflowing – This is a common emergency. Somehow your toilet got clogged and is now overflowing, but no matter how much you plunge, the water will simply not stop. An overflowing toilet is not only a messy headache, it can cause some serious damage to your bathroom floor or carpeting, which will be more expensive to replace than calling in an emergency plumber, so turn off your toilet’s water supply and give the plumber a call.

A pipe bursts or is actively leaking – Pipes can burst for any number of reasons, and when they do, they can cause untold damage to your Sandy Springs, GA home, including mold, rot, and more. The same happens with leaks, to the point in which your home’s foundation can be compromised, causing you to spend thousands of dollars to get it fixed.

Your water isn’t hot – If hot water isn’t coming out of your faucets there could be several problems with your water system, the most common of which can be found in your water heater. In many cases, when you have a gas-powered heater, the problem will be that the pilot light went out and it can’t heat the water in the tank. It could also be that the thermostat isn’t set to the correct temperature. If this is the case you can simply light the pilot again or adjust the thermostat and your problem will be solved. If it doesn’t light or keeps going out, or you have an electric water heater, you are going to have to call an emergency plumber to identify and solve the problem right away, unless you want to take cold showers for a few days until you can find a regular plumbing service to fit you in.

Other Plumbing Emergencies in Sandy Springs

The list of plumbing emergencies goes on and on, and will include the loss of your home’s water pressure, your sewer backing up, when you try to fix the problem yourself and it went wrong or got worse, your dishwasher or washing machine is leaking, or even when there’s a problem with your gas line. All of these issues require calling an emergency plumber right away, before the problem gets so out of hand you have to evacuate your home due to flooding.

On that note, keep in mind that one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is waiting to contact a professional when they are dealing with a real plumbing emergency. Trying to fix the problem yourself can make it worse and cause extensive damage to your pipes, which is why, no matter how much that video you found promises to help you solve the problem like a pro, you are always better off contacting an emergency plumber. In the end, you will find that even though you have to pay a more expensive fee, paying a licensed plumber to identify and solve the plumbing emergency at hand will always be less expensive than having to deal with the damage you can cause to your pipes.

When you are having to deal with a plumbing emergency in Sandy Springs, GA don’t wait for it to get worse and give Peach Plumbing & Drain a call. We will be happy to help you resolve all your plumbing emergencies no matter how dire they may seem. So, pick up your phone and give us a call any time, day or night for the most professional emergency plumber service in the area!

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