When You Need Water Heater Repair: What Brookhaven Residents Need to Know | Brookhaven, GA

When You Need Water Heater Repair: What Brookhaven Residents Need to Know | Brookhaven, GA

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Water heater repair is a must, and the residents of Brookhaven, GA are just like anyone else: They have come to rely on water to be heated for their home use. Lack of hot water can be a major hassle for homeowners in the Brookhaven, GA area, and thinking of the cost of repairs is enough of a nightmare.

Water heater repair is essential for your home. Most of us rely on it for hot showers, bathing needs, and more. Some appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, rely on it to operate. Dishwashers need it for the purpose of washing and sanitizing your dishes so that germs can be eliminated during the wash cycle.

You’ll know when your water heater is about to fail. You might turn on your tap only to find that rusty or discolored water is pouring out, which could be a sign that is traced to the tank itself. Since the tank is composed of pure metal, it can become subjected to the process of natural corrosion, which leads to the overall discoloration of your water supply. This can make water unsafe to drink or use, and boiling it out on the stove would require so much time and energy. Therefore, calling a repair specialist is a better investment for your problem.

Water that is cloudy or has a funny flavor to it can demonstrate the sediment build up that’s been collecting at the bottom of your tank for far too long. This poses a danger of its own, as this exact same build up can also clog up your tank and cause it to malfunction without much warning. When your water starts to overheat, the sediment can separate a lot faster and affect the heater’s ability to do its job properly. A good flush may be the solution, and your water heater repair specialist can do this as part of routine annual maintenance.

Sometimes, the problem may lie in your heater’s anode rods. They are the “sacrificial” components of your water heater in that they have the ability to simply prevent your water supply from getting rusted to the point where drinking it can be dangerous. There comes a critical point when these rods may need to be replaced. Rusting, wear and tear may render them unable to perform at an optimal level and result in your drinking water becoming contaminated, so having them checked as part of annual water heater repair is critical to having safe water in your house.

Sediment build up can cause the water heater to emit a strange clanging or banging noise from inside the tank. This is due to mineral hardening, which can also be eliminated through a good, quality routine flush. In fact, this can not only reduce the likelihood of the noise but can greatly improve the efficiency of the inner mechanism and keep your water heater going good for at least another year.

Routine repair service can include having the burners checked to see if they’re performing at an optimal level. This can ensure that your water heater is able to do its job properly and can keep it functioning for an extended period of time. Burners can rust over time, which can affect their overall performance in heating up your water supply.

For a gas heater, your burner should be able to emit a blue flame. Failure to do so is the result of an even greater problem, that of dirt or debris that has a habit of collecting around the surface of the burner itself. Continuous accumulation can be the result of an old burner that needs to be replaced. Ongoing air blockage can turn the flame orange instead of blue, which means that there isn’t enough oxygen to keep the heat going.

Having a water heater repair specialist check your water heater for damage may help prevent leaks coming from your unit. In fact, any water that pools around the floor of the tank may be a sign that it’s time for water heater repair service. Your technician should be able to inspect the valves to see if they need to be adjusted or replaced. They may also check to see if the problem is in the pressure, and if that be the case, then a simple tweaking of your water pressure could be the solution to preventing a major problem down the road.

Your water heater is your best messenger when it comes to failure. The proof is in the temperature in many cases. When you turn on the faucet and notice that the temperature keeps fluctuating, you may be seeing signs of aging. A replacement may be your only solution.

One way to tell would be to spend a few days monitoring the situation in your home. Keep a written log of the water temperature by checking it every day. This can be done by letting the hot water tap run for about two minutes, then collecting a sample in a cup. Using a meat thermometer, you should be able to read the temperature in a manner of seconds. Anything between 100-109 degrees Fahrenheit should be okay. Doing this from random locations in the home is best for an accurate reading. Giving a copy of this record to the technician is a good idea, and should be done right before the repair process begins.

Keeping abreast of your water heater is a good habit to practice, and should be done as part of quality water heater repair service. This includes getting your unit serviced on an annual basis to ensure optimal performance throughout the year. Knowing when a simple repair will suffice is one thing your water heater repair specialist can tell you right before the work begins.

A good, strong, working water heater is just what you need for your home. Keeping it going is the best thing you can do, and that’s where routine water heater repair service comes in. All you need to do is call or visit online for an appointment with Peach Plumbing & Drain.

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