Where Can I Find A Good Plumber Near Me? | Buckhead, GA

Where Can I Find A Good Plumber Near Me? | Buckhead, GA

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Waking up to find there is no hot water coming from your shower is not a good start to the day. It means the water heater has broken down and you need to find someone to fix it. If it is the weekend, then you have time to find a plumber. But it is not as easy as you think to find a dependable plumber in Buckhead, GA that works weekends. It is even harder to find someone who will not charge an arm and a leg to come out for an emergency.

So where do you start? You could type “Plumber near me” on your mobile and search online, but which plumber do you pick from all those results? Usually, the top few results are sponsored and are no indication of quality. Your best bet is to look at a trusted review site and find a plumbing service that has consistently helpful reviews and many five-star ratings. At the top of that list should be Peach Plumbing & Drain.

We are at the top because we have gained a reputation for the highest quality work at affordable prices. We have people on call 24/7, so whatever plumbing work you need, you can always rely on Peach Plumbing & Drain to help.

When Do You Need a Plumbing Technician?

The quicker you can identify a plumbing problem the sooner it can be fixed and so avoid the need for any expensive repairs, and these are some of the signs you should be on the lookout for.

Slowly Draining Water in Your Sink or Shower Tray

If the water in your sink is taking longer and longer to drain, you have a clog somewhere in your pipework. If you are noticing the water in the shower tray starting to lap over your feet, then the same is true. Pouring drain cleaner down the drain may remove smaller clogs, but repeated use will corrode older pipework and joints and cause leaks to occur. To remove clogs without damaging your pipes. You will need a professional drain cleaning service from one of Peach plumbing’s friendly plumbers.

Once cleaned we suggest that you avoid pouring warm grease down the sink and throwing food and coffee grinds down there as well. Put these items in the compost or garbage disposal. Warm grease once cooled will stick to the insides of the waste pipe. This sticky surface will then attract food and other materials to it to form a clog. Over time this clog will grow and restrict the flow of water through the pipe, and if no action is taken this will cause a complete blockage. Hair, toothpaste, and soap will also stick to the insides of a pipe, so we also suggest that you buy a hair trap for the drains in the bathroom.

Blocked Toilets

A lot of people treat their toilets like trash cans. You should only flush water, human waste, toilet tissue, and gentle cleansers down a toilet or you run the risk of causing a blockage. You should not flush wet wipes and Kleenex tissues down the toilet as they cannot dissolve easily in water and will cause blockages if not flushed away properly.

Pouring strong chemicals down a toilet is not a good idea as overuse can corrode the pipework and joints. Our plumbing technicians have found most things when unblocking a toilet. Everything from children’s toys to cat litter, cigarette ends to keys and coins, they have found them all in Buckhead, GA! No amount of chemicals is going to dissolve these items.

We also advise you not to constantly flush a toilet to remove a serious blockage. All that is likely to happen is that you are going to cause your toilet to overflow onto your bathroom floor. If you have previously poured chemicals down the toilet, that too is going to end up on the floor, along with all the hazardous germs and bacteria. Now is a good time to call Peach plumbing. Each plumber will wear special protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection when cleaning up the mess. Believe us, this is not a job you want to tackle yourself. Once all the mess is cleaned up, they can get on with the task of locating and removing the source of the blockage.

Your Pipes Have Burst or Are Leaking

It is not always easy to spot a leak, often the first sign is a larger than expected water bill. If you suspect that you have a leak, then turn off all your water appliances and then check your water meter. If it is still turning over then you have a leak. Water is a very destructive force, and the longer a pipe leaks the greater the damage and repair bill will be.

If your pipe has burst the first thing you should do is to turn off the main shutoff valve. If you do not know where it is, then find out as soon as you finish reading this article. The sooner you can turn it off the less water damage will happen. Next, you should turn off mains electricity as well. Water and electricity do not mix well, and you do not want to electrocute yourself or the Plumber!

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Water Heater Serviced?

A regular water heater service will reduce the risk of a breakdown and save you from expensive repair bills. Given that the average repair bill for a water heater is over $500, this makes good sense. A regular service will extend its useful working life, and you will have lower energy bills since it will be more energy-efficient. Call Peach Plumbing & Drain to schedule a plumber for your service needs.

Peach Plumbing & Drain 

Peach Plumbing & Drain is a family-owned business and has been proudly serving the community of Buckhead, GA for many years. If you have any plumbing emergency and need a dependable plumber, then call Peach Plumbing we will send somebody out to you as soon as possible. Our friendly team of experts is ready to take your call. We are on standby 24/7 ready to assist you.