Why DIY Water Heater Repair Is A Terrible Idea | Atlanta, GA

Why DIY Water Heater Repair Is A Terrible Idea | Atlanta, GA

Water heaters are an essential component of residential plumbing systems in Atlanta, GA. Although you rarely spend time thinking about your water heater, you know that it works hard around the clock to ensure that you have access to hot water on demand. But like any other appliance, your water heater can break down when you need it the most, which might leave you very disappointed. But no matter how angry and disappointed a water heater breakdown might make you, you should never be tempted to attempt water heater repair on your own unless you are a professional plumbing services provider. Therefore, you need to be in touch with a professional plumber you can trust to quickly respond when you have a water heater problem in your Atlanta, GA house. But why are DIY water repairs discouraged? Below is a rundown of reasons trying to repair your water heater on your own is a terrible idea.

You Might Void Your Warranty

Your water heater is quite a pricey appliance. Therefore, it most likely came with a warranty. As such, if your water heater is relatively new, you could still be having a valid warranty. This means that if it suffers a major breakdown within the time stipulated in the warranty, the manufacturer or the plumbing contractor who installed it might repair it for free or at a discounted rate. However, it is worth noting that these quality guarantees are not without conditions. For instance, your warranty might have a condition demanding that all repairs be done by a licensed plumber. If this is the case, attempting a DIY repair will automatically void your warranty and cause you to lose all the privileges the warranty affords you. To avoid such a scenario, you need to ensure that all water heater repairs in your house are performed by a licensed professional plumber, such as Peach Plumbing & Drain.

Your Might Damage Your Water Heater Further

Every successful water heater repair begins with an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of the problem at hand. Unfortunately, given the complexity of modern water heaters, it is unlikely for you to accurately diagnose most water heater issues you will encounter unless you are a professional plumber. Therefore, if you decide to attempt a DIY water heater repair, you might end up tampering with water heater components that don’t have any problem, meaning that you could create more problems. On the other hand, professional plumbers deal with water heater problems every day and have the necessary skills and experience to accurately diagnose any water heater issue, isolate it, and ensure that it is fixed without tampering with other parts of the equipment.

You Might Lose Your Home Insurance

Your home insurance is meant to protect you against financial losses in the event of severe accidental damage to your property. For instance, if your home accidentally catches fire, your home insurance might shield you against the huge financial burden of repairing it. However, since insurance companies want to maximize their profits, they give conditions that seek to minimize risks. For instance, they can demand that all the home improvement jobs that can potentially put your home at the risk of getting damaged be done by licensed professionals. Since your water heater probably relies on natural gas or propane, it can put your home at the risk of catching fire, meaning that your insurance might demand that all repairs be done by a licensed professional. In such a situation, if you decide to attempt a DIY water heater repair, you might end up losing your home insurance.

You Might Hurt Yourself

Water heater repair jobs can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, without the right safety gear and training, attempting a DIY water heater repair can put you at the risk of sustaining serious injuries. For example, DIY repairs can expose you to the risk of coming into contact with boiling water at high pressure, which can be extremely dangerous. Similarly, if the repair involves handling some electrical components, it might put you at the risk of electrical shocks or even electrocution. For you to avoid such a disaster, you need to pass these risks to other people by working with a professional plumber to ensure that even the water heater issues that seem minor are handled by people who are prepared for the risks.

You Might Not Save Money

A lot of homeowners who try DIY water heater repairs do so expecting to save some money in the end. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that most of them end up losing money. For example, when you decide to repair a water heater on your own, there is no guarantee you will resolve the issue decisively. Therefore, the issue will cost your money and time, but you might still have to call a professional in the end. On the other hand, professional plumbers handle water heater issues almost every day, and they know what needs to be done to ensure that the water heater issue you might be facing is addressed efficiently and decisively. Therefore, by hiring a professional plumber from the word go, you might end up saving some money.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that, like any other mechanical and electrical appliance, your water heater can break down and fail to work as expected or put your home and your family in danger. However, unless you are a professional plumber, trying to repair your water heater on your own is not something you should fancy trying. Instead, you need to have a plumber you can trust to help you with all your water heater issues. If you are looking for a dependable plumber providing water heater repair services in and around Atlanta, GA, Peach Plumbing & Drain is your best bet. We have been handling water heaters for many years, and we are a household name in our community. Call Peach Plumbing & Drain today to learn more about our company and services.

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