Why Do I Need A Professional Plumber? | Atlanta, GA

Why Do I Need A Professional Plumber? | Atlanta, GA

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Some homeowners have an inaccurate impression of plumbers and mistakenly believe that plumbing is something ‘anyone can do.’ This is a misconception for many reasons. Plumbing infrastructure in residential homes is complex, and the source of a plumbing problem isn’t always obvious. A professional plumber has years of education and hands-on experience, not to mention appropriate tools and supplies. Most people in Atlanta, GA, do not have the specialized tools used in plumbing inspection and repair because we don’t usually need these things very often. Simply owning the tools isn’t enough to complete repairs safely anyway. Plumbers know how to use their tools safely and effectively.

Pitfalls of Online Tutorials

It’s very easy to find online tutorials and guides for just about anything. It would be a mistake to trust all of those guides. Many people create such tutorials with the best of intentions, but that doesn’t mean the audience will be able to follow instructions correctly. People attempting to follow the tutorial may not realize that the situation they’re dealing with isn’t actually the same issue that the tutorial addresses.

Unfortunately, we know there are plenty of dishonest people in the world too. A dishonest person can make a video or online class for personal gain and intentionally misrepresent their actions. The audience only sees content that the author chooses to share. There’s no way to know if the action seen on-screen is the first attempt at any given repair or if it’s the fifth attempt after four previous failures. It’s also impossible to know if a chaotic mess or evidence of water damage is present offscreen.

Consumers should also be wary of tutorials and guides from professional plumbers. Of course, plenty of legitimate material is available from real professional plumbers, but the viewer can’t know if the content is legit without verifying the credentials of the author or presenter. Don’t just automatically take random strangers on the internet at their word. Verify sources and make sure that the material really is coming from a qualified professional.

Misdiagnosing the problem is one of the most common errors in amateur repairs. Attempts to fix a problem that doesn’t exist can let the original problem worsen and even create new problems in the process. Consulting a professional plumber as soon as a problem is noticed can help you avoid unnecessary and time-consuming complications.

Common Plumbing Issues and Potential Consequences

Many homeowners try to fix frozen pipes on their own, even if they usually hire professionals for other home maintenance problems. Fixing frozen pipes may seem like a relatively easy job, but the potential consequences of a botched job can be very destructive and expensive to fix. The internet is filled with advice on fixing frozen pipes, but the problem isn’t as simple as it may seem on the service. The ice inside a frozen pipe is actually exerting a great deal of pressure on pipe walls. Any action that pushes that pressure over the edge can result in a flooded room or home. As a general rule of thumb, any advice involving a blow torch is probably not going to end well. Thawing has to be done slowly and evenly to avoid breaking the pipes.

Unclogging and cleaning drains is another job many people in Atlanta, GA, try to handle on their own. Signs of a clog include slow drainage from sinks or bathtubs. Sometimes water backs up and overflows. There are plenty of drain cleaning solutions available, but most of them are filled with harsh chemicals. Those chemicals can eventually damage pipes, especially copper or iron pipes. They may also be toxic. A clog in water or sewer mains probably won’t be affected by drain cleaning products and a clog that deep within a home’s plumbing can’t be removed with a plunger. A professional plumber has the equipment and skills necessary to deal with clogged drains and lines, and they can do so without damaging pipes.

Some complications of amateur jobs are the result of human error that seems easy to avoid, on the surface. Shutting off the water supply before working on pipes is a good example. Although shutting off the water seems like an obvious precaution, people can forget things. This is even more likely when we do things we aren’t familiar with. Other problems occur when unexpected difficulties arise. Trying to force stuck valves or using pressure to dislodge a stubborn fitting can easily result in a mess. Broken fixtures can let water flood a room. No one wants to find out that the main shutoff isn’t working during an emergency. Water gushing out of pipes can cause a great deal of damage in only a few minutes.

Compliance With Local Regulations

Local laws and ordinances are things many people don’t consider when it comes to plumbing. However, many localities have guidelines and standards related to plumbing infrastructure. Sewage disposal and clean water are extremely important aspects of public health and safety, and they need to be taken seriously. Violations can net hefty fines, not to mention a threat to the safety of your household and people in the surrounding area. It can be extremely frustrating to complete repairs or new installations then find out that something violates local ordinances. Noncompliant infrastructure can’t stay in place, so there are additional costs to undo the original work then have it redone correctly. Consulting a plumber in the first place may help you avoid a lot of wasted time and money.

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