Why Equipment, Testing, and Experience Make Our Water Heater Repair Services Reliable | Atlanta, GA

Why Equipment, Testing, and Experience Make Our Water Heater Repair Services Reliable | Atlanta, GA

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A water heater is a vital appliance at your Atlanta, GA home or commercial property, especially in the cold winter. Therefore, you must keep this critical plumbing fixture in a functional state to ensure comfort at your home. You do not want to wake up one morning to find your shower cold. That is why at Peach Plumbing & Drain, we advise residential and commercial property owners to enlist our services in maintaining their water heaters.

Quick Fix or Right Repair?

Factors determining the lifespan of your water heater, its performance, and repair frequency all form part of Peach Plumbing & Drain’s water heater repair strategy. We know that the understanding and experience of our plumbers can be the difference between the proper repair and a quick fix.

For instance, if the electric water heater in your home trips the circuit breaker, resetting the circuit breaker may restore the water heater for some time. However, if the circuit breaker frequently trips, it is not viable to reset it. You need a professional repair to protect the water heater and prevent leaks and other damage to your property.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers conduct focused, targeted repairs and expert diagnoses whenever you need them. We also provide professional maintenance services to ensure your water heater is appropriately functioning at its peak, provide quality hot water, and optimize its lifespan. Our plumbers have the testing gear, right evaluation equipment, and water heater experience to repair your water heater right.

Water Quality Measurement

Convenient, small handheld devices allow our water heater repair experts to measure various water quality parameters on-site. This is critical for any water heater and the overall appliance and plumbing health. Hard water has two detrimental effects on a water heater. It corrodes metals like the tank in hybrid or standard water heaters because it has many dissolved minerals and sediments. The other negative effect of hard water is the layers of sediments comprising minerals within the hard water can accumulate at the bottom of the conventional water heater tank and in pipes, inlets, and tankless water heater valves.

The sediments can result in various uses with the operation of your water heater. Hence, you might find yourself constantly calling a water heater repair technician to flush the water heater. Corrosion in conventional water heaters is a massive concern as the tank’s condition is a significant factor in the water heater’s lifespan. The water heater ceases to operate safely when the tank walls are weakened. It carries the risks of explosion or even leaks under some circumstances.

The best solution for hard water issues is installing a water filter or a water softener to improve your home’s overall water quality. This will reduce the effects of sediment deposits coming from the minerals dissolved in hard water and corrosion. The mineral sediments may make it challenging to clean your coffee brewing machine.

In conventional water heaters, there is an anode rod component. This metallic component plays a vital role in balancing the water conditions inside the tank. Sacrificial anode rod helps prevent corrosion caused by the water heater’s hard water while making the water in the water heater tank favorable for the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

The anode rode wears out over time due to sacrificial action. Therefore, you need to replace it when it cannot do its job further. Our water heater repair technician can replace it during a routine maintenance visit. They will also inspect your tank’s condition to ensure that the corrosion hasn’t progressed far. The plumbers will help you understand how long it might take before replacing your unit, especially if the water heater is past ten years old.

Temperature Measurement

Measuring the pipe and water temperatures for conventional water heaters help our water heater repair technicians determine if you have a problem with your heater combination and thermostat or settings. These factors can produce hygiene problems if water temperatures are too low or scalding concerns and tank pressure issues if the water temperatures are too high.

Typical temperature settings should be at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the middle ground recommended by EPA. Measuring the nearby air temperatures, pipe temperatures, and external tank temperature could help in guiding the insulation efforts of reducing the loss of heat from the tank. You can also insulate the faucets and appliances based on their temperatures. It is beneficial if your water heater is in a cool or unheated space. Measuring the temperatures of the tank at different points can help determine if your dual water heater is running with both water heaters or just a single one. Our water heater repair technicians will repair the other water heater to ensure that your home in Atlanta, GA, has constant running hot water.

Built-In Test Tools in Some Modern Water Heaters

Like most modern appliances, tankless and hybrid water heaters also have the control electronics to help them efficiently operate. These electronic systems monitor the sensors’ safety parameters, among other conditions, and adjust the performance according to their measurements. For instance, in a hybrid water heater, the control system can change the heat source to an electric heater when the heat pump system cannot transfer the requirement to heat the water, usually due to low ambient temperatures. In tankless water heaters, the sensors allow the control system to monitor the water flow and start the water heater when water starts passing through it.

Some other sensors monitor pressure and temperature in these heater units. They even measure and monitor the air pressure in tankless units to ensure that venting occurs appropriately, especially in gas-fired units.

Our water heater repair experts can diagnose and resolve various problems based on self-reported data from the control electronics. They will also test the sensors to determine if they are not functioning correctly. Even with these advanced electronics, the water heater repair technicians must understand how every system works to effectively repair and maintain the water heater.

Water Heater Repair Services In Atlanta, GA

The skills and knowledge of our water heater team at Peach Plumbing & Drain are top-level. Besides diagnosing and repairing the problems in advanced water heaters, they can also perform tests and maintenance on your water heater to ensure that your commercial or residential property has continuously running hot water. Call us today for water heater repair, replacement, or maintenance.