Why Is Your Water Heater Producing Strange Noises? Do They Warrant Water Heater Repair? | Brookhaven, GA

Why Is Your Water Heater Producing Strange Noises? Do They Warrant Water Heater Repair? | Brookhaven, GA

Have you noticed uncharacteristic sounds from your water heater? Though this can be downright annoying, it isn’t uncommon for a water heater to produce some sounds when operational. However, some noises are a surefire sign that something is amiss with your water heater. Unfortunately, you might still experience water heater noises even with meticulous maintenance.

This underscores the importance of a regular water heater inspection and maintenance to address such developing issues before they worsen. In this post, you’ll learn why your water heater might be producing those noises and how a water heater repair professional in Brookhaven, GA, can help you deal with them.

Restricted Water Flow

Have you noticed that your water heater produces a sizzling sound whenever you turn it on? That is a sign that the water flow is restricted. A closed valve produces the sizzling sound that you hear. When a water heater repair technician comes for maintenance or inspection, they will begin by inspecting the T&P relief valve. These are the protective measures to safeguard the water heater from an excessive buildup of pressure and temperature.

If a lot of pressure or temperature accumulates within the unit, water escapes through the T&P valve in the form of steam. If blocked, you might hear the sizzling sound. The professional will inspect the water inlet valve to ensure it’s fully opened. The valve is located on the top of your water heater and allows cold water to enter your unit. All these problems restrict the water flow and can be caught during the routine inspection visit by the water heater repair technician.

Fluctuations in Water Pressure

Have you noticed or heard a tickling sound emanating from the water heater? The sound might be caused by the fluctuations in water pressure within your plumbing. The water heaters frequently use the water outlet and inlet nipples with heat traps, which helps improve the unit’s energy efficiency. This is because they don’t allow the heat to escape via the connections. These nipples are placed on top of your water heater where outgoing and incoming water plumbing join. Should the water heater repair technician notice that this is the source of the ticking sound, they will remove the nipples and replace them with non-heat trap ones.

Water Hammer

If you notice a hammer or knock sound from your water heater, that might be because of a phenomenon called water hammer. This happens whenever the water flow is suddenly stopped; water doesn’t have a place to go within your Brookhaven, GA home’s plumbing. As a result, water flows in reverse or is reflected in its source. This change in directional pressure results in that sound hammer or knocking sound you hear.

Water hammer is a destructive phenomenon that might burst the pipes, water heater, or even damage the walls. Even if the issue didn’t result from the water heater, it might potentially result in severe damage to this expensive appliance. The force produced by the water hammer makes the water heater tank shell either contract, expand, or even collapse a flue tube. It can even deform the water heater tank’s top part, making water heater repair or replacement a necessity.

Heating Element

Have you heard popping and humming sounds whenever you turn on the water heater? These sounds indicate a problem with the heating element. The heating element might be loose or has an accumulation of sediments that inhibit the heating efficiency. Any water heater has two heating elements; one at the top and the other at the bottom. The upper heating element might start vibrating and humming whenever cold water starts to flow into the unit’s tank.

Further, when the heating element has a sediment accumulation around it, it will start producing a popping sound whenever it gets hot. Whenever you hear either of these sounds, have a water heater repair technician inspect the heating element and flush the unit or tighten them. Never attempt to repair the water heater, no matter how simple the problem appears.

Condensation and Leaks

Have you noticed a running water sound from your water heater? That could signify that you have a leakage or a broken pipe. However, you should note that water entering the water heater tank might also produce the running water sound. But if the problem is persistent even when the tank is already filed, you might want to call a water heater repair technician in Brookhaven, GA, for a further inspection.

When the technician comes for a water heater inspection, they will check the temperatures of the hot water outlet piping of the water heater. The hot water piping might feel warmer compared to the cold-water piping. However, if hot water isn’t used, it shouldn’t feel hot whenever you touch it. They can also use leakage detectors or manual inspection to check for leaks. If the professional detects any leakages, they will use various tools to eliminate that running water sound.

The professionals also can inspect the T&P valve. There is a long tube attached to the temperature & pressure relief valve. In some units, piping runs directly into the drains or through a wall. In such units, you cannot easily see whether the temperature and pressure relief valve are open. The professionals will use their tools to inspect the temperature of the piping. The temperature and pressure relief valve may be open if it is hot. The professional will use their skills and knowledge to check whether the T&P valve is clogged. If it has a blockage, they will clean the valve to ensure that the excessive pressure and temperature have a place to escape from.

The water heater repair professional might inspect your plumbing for broken pipes. This is done to pinpoint the root cause of the running water sounds. If they notice a leakage, they can use CIPP to repair the piping rather than damage the various parts of your home.

Reliable Plumbing Services

Have you noticed that your water heater is producing uncharacteristic noises? That might be caused by several issues, as explained above. Although some noises aren’t necessarily alarming, they are disturbing and must also be addressed. Hence, have technicians inspect the water heater whenever you notice the sounds. The professionals will fix the underlying issue causing the sound to ensure you can enjoy the shower while the water is heated. For a reliable and professional water heater repair service from licensed and experienced technicians, call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain today.

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