Why Should I Hire Plumbing Repair Professionals? | Atlanta, GA

Why Should I Hire Plumbing Repair Professionals? | Atlanta, GA

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Many people in Atlanta, GA, take pride in repairing things themselves. A broken door knob, cracked molding, refurbished furniture, and similar jobs are frequently successful repairs. Plumbing repair is a little different. We can’t even see most of the plumbing infrastructure in our homes. Pipes are out of site underneath building foundations, within walls or buried underground.

Barriers to Amateur Plumbing Repair

It isn’t easy to repair something we can’t access or observe easily. Extensive root systems from trees and shrubs can cause drainage problems and damage underground pipes. Most of us don’t know this damage is occurring until it interferes with our daily routines.

Professional plumbing repair is enhanced by appropriate tools. Small cameras provide views inside pipes, and technology similar to an ultrasound lets plumbers visualize underground infrastructure. Education and training are the most important elements of the plumbing profession. Plumbers need to have a working knowledge of many different subjects.

Hooking up appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, or replacing superficial fixtures are fairly minor jobs. Dealing with the interconnected network of pipes and structures making up a home’s plumbing infrastructure is much more complicated. The entire system works together, so changing even one part can have consequences to the whole. Plumbing systems also interact with other basic utility services, such as electric and natural gas.

Identifying Pipes and Metals

Homeowners without any education or training related to plumbing may not differentiate between inlet and drainage pipes. Identifying pipe material is important too. The most common types of metal pipes are cast iron, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and brass alloys. Different metals interact when they come into contact with each other.

Various types of metal also react in different ways to electrolytes and other waterborne substances. This influences corrosion rates, so accidentally using two different types of metal when repairing pipes can lead to unexpected corrosion. Fittings meant for one type of pipe or material may not work well on a different material. Plumbing repair professionals have the experience to identify different types of metal and choose appropriate fittings when different materials must be connected.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Fixing a leak or obstruction in pipes underneath a sink seems fairly straightforward. The pipes are visible and seemingly easy to reach. However, there are hidden pitfalls. Taking the pipes apart means you have to reassemble them later.

It is easy to make small errors while putting the pieces back together. Interfering with joints and seals could cause additional leaks. Dishwashers and garbage disposals make the job even more complex. Contact a professional for plumbing repair to avoid potential complications and save a great deal of time.

Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are very common targets of home repairs. Clogs develop for any number of reasons. Grease, hair, bits of food, and residue from soap and body washes are frequent causes. Homeowners may use over the counter drain cleaning products to remove or prevent clogs. Professional plumbing repairs do not involve such products because they contain corrosive chemicals.

Keeping drain cleaning products in the home can be risky. They emit noxious fumes, and the relatively fragile plastic bottles can leak easily. Many drain cleaning products cause severe injury or fatalities if swallowed by children or pets. Hiring professionals for plumbing repair pays off in the long run because it removes the need to keep corrosive chemicals in your home and avoids potential corrosive damage to pipes and fixtures.

Ineffective Declogging Technique

Running a garden hose down pipes in the bathroom is a home repair technique that shouldn’t be so well known. The idea behind this method is that highly pressurized water from the hose will forcefully push the clog out of the pipe. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the consequences when an attempt goes wrong.

Flooding the bathroom is only the beginning. Water contaminated with sewage can explode out of the pipes and leak through walls. If the clog doesn’t give way, pressurized water from the hose has to go somewhere. The force propelling the water can burst through pipe walls. Homes with second story bathrooms often end up with dirty water dripping into rooms in the first floor.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a frequent plumbing issue. Some cases of reduced pressure come from residue and debris buildup in plumbing pipes or faucet aerator. Homeowners can try to clean the aerator and remove residue from drains.

More serious causes of low water pressure include fractured pipes, obstructions in water mains or connecting pipes, or erosion in water lines. These problems are nearly impossible to fix without proper tools and experience, so it is best to call for plumb repair services.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common winter problem, even in Atlanta, GA. Pipes most at risk of freezing are located near exterior walls, in basements, or in places where water enters the home. Never use a blowtorch, coal stove, propane heater or any other device with an open flame to thaw pipes. Heating the pipes too quickly can cause burst pipes when water confined inside begins to boil.

Anything with an open flame can also start accidental fires, and some heaters emit carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide in areas with poor ventilation can be fatal. Space heaters can overload circuits. Many people also use unsafe extension cords to power heaters. Make sure extension cords are actually rated for electric heaters before using them. You can avoid all of these problems and complications by hiring plumbing repair services.

Contact Peach Plumbing & Drain for plumbing repair services. They offer 24/7 emergency services for situations that simply can’t wait. Call professionals for help to avoid exacerbating a problem and enjoy peace of mind knowing the situation will soon be resolved.

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