Your Local, Trustworthy Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

Your Local, Trustworthy Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

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It is Saturday night; you are getting ready to bathe the kids and put them to bed and your water heater stops working and there is no hot water. Looks like it is going to be a cold night as well, you need an emergency plumbing service, but who can you call late on a Saturday night?

Does not matter what sort of plumbing service you require, the professional team at Peach Plumbing & Drain can deliver a full range of essential services that will meet your needs and pocket at all hours of the day or night. We are on call to help you out in a crisis.

An Unrivaled Plumbing Service

From a clogged sink to a burst pipe, we fix them all. We provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers. These include emergency service, drain cleaning, unblocking toilets, sewer and water line repairs, and many others.

Emergency Plumbing Service

A plumbing disaster can happen at any time when you least expect them to. If you are on a tight budget it may be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself. In our experience, this can often make matters worse. What seems a simple job does not always turn out to be the case and there is no shame in admitting that a job is beyond your capabilities. Call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain and we can send one of our experienced technicians around to help you.

Professional Drain Cleaning

If you have noticed that your sink is taking longer and longer to drain, you probably have a clog building up in your pipework. This looks easy to fix, just pour some blocked drain remover down the sink. Job done. We at Peach Plumbing & Drain wish it were as simple as this. Blocked drain remover often contains very harsh chemicals which can damage older pipework and corrode joints and seals. They probably are not doing the environment any good either. The chemicals may not even reach the source of the blockage, as the clog could be located far away from the sink drain.

It is a good idea to not cause a clog or blockage in the first place, we at Peach Plumbing & Drain strongly recommend that you do not pour hot grease, food or coffee grinds down a sink. As the grease cools it will stick to the insides of the pipework. Small bits of food and other materials will then stick to the grease and will build up slowly over time. This way the sink is taking longer and longer to drain. Ignoring the problem will mean the sink will block completely.

If you think you have clogs building up then call Peach Plumbing & Drain today, for a comprehensive plumbing service. We will find the location and size of the clog will determine the best course of action to take. After the clog is removed, another visual inspection of the pipes is carried out, to ensure that water flows freely.

Blocked Toilets

If you think putting hot grease down a sink is bad enough just imagine what is flushed down a toilet. Nothing other than water, toilet tissue, human waste, or maybe some gentle cleaners should be flushed down the toilet. Anything else will not dissolve quickly in water and may cause a blockage. This includes items we assume will be fine, items such as wet wipes, Kleenex, and feminine sanitary products. We have also seen cat litter, keys, coins, and children’s toys blocking a toilet.

Many people hope that repeated flushing will unblock the toilet. This is a bad idea, especially if you have poured harsh chemicals down beforehand. Any harsh chemicals could damage older pipework and the joints and seals. Should the toilet overflow, you not only cover your bathroom with dangerous bacteria and germs but also the chemicals you poured down. You need an emergency plumbing service, as this is not a job you should confront yourself. Our technicians will wear protective clothing to do such a job, to avoid any health hazards.

Sewer and Water Line Repairs

Your wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets will normally flow into your sewer line and then into the main sewage network. Whatever, clogs or block sinks and toilets will do the same to your sewer line. In the main sewage network larger and larger “Fatbergs” weighing many tons have been reported. Smaller versions can block your sewer line. If you have seen discolored water backing up into your home together with the unpleasant smell of sewage, your sewer line may be damaged or blocked. Sewage getting back inside your house poses a serious health risk for you and your family. You need to act quickly and call Peach Plumbing & Drain for an emergency plumbing issue.

A blockage in your sewer line may be another factor. The sewer line can get corroded over time. It could be damaged by the ground shifting or by roots from nearby trees. Water lines can be affected in the same way.

Repairing or replacing these lines can be difficult in Atlanta, GA, as they are often located under the concrete foundation. Peach Plumbing & Drain has sophisticated equipment to help locate the source of the problem. Once the location and extent of the problem are determined, there are often several solutions. We could dig up the pipes and replace them or depending on the damage it may be possible to reline the existing pipework without the need for digging.

Peach Plumbing & Drain Is Proud to Serve Atlanta, GA.

We appreciate the stress you are under when you need any plumbing service. You can be sure that we can deal with any plumbing problem quickly and effectively. We invest a lot of time in finding and hiring the best plumbers, and we invest equal time and resources into their continuous training and reeducation.

Our plumbers are trained in customer care, they will clear up any mess after them. They will not leave until you are 100% satisfied with the work done. Should any emergency occur, and you need a professional plumbing service quickly then call Peach Plumbing & Drain today, you could not be in more capable hands.

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